Gifts for your wedding party

Gifts for your wedding party

Gifts for your wedding party

With spring just around the corner, the beginning of the 2021 wedding season is about to begin! There are so many things to plan and get ready for that it can be hard to keep track of it all! More than likely one part of your big day that is already planned is who you are going to ask to stand next to you. They are going to help you plan and be there for you throughout this whole process. 

Make sure you have the perfect gift to thank them for all that they do with help from our 14 Karat jewelry and gold Omaha experts! 

1. Their birthstone

Getting each bridesmaid a jewelry piece with their birthstone could be a perfect way to thank them for being with you on your special day. Birthstones are specific to each month and are supposed to hold different significance and meanings. Ever since ancient times, wearing your own birthstone is supposed to be a symbol of wellness and good fortune. Even if you don’t believe in that per se, they are still a fun way to incorporate color and uniqueness into your gift!

2. Pendant necklaces 

Giving everyone an initial pendant necklace can also be a great option for a bridesmaid gift. They can help make every member feel special and appreciated. Plus, with every woman potentially wearing the same style and color dress, it can be a great way for them to stand out and still be unique. Our 14 Karat jewelry and gold Omaha experts love these initial pendants from Gabriel & Co. 

3. Classic studs 

A good pair of studs belongs in every woman’s jewelry box! They are the classic staple that goes with everything. Great for everyday wear, but also perfect for whenever you want to dress up a look as well. You can go with either gold or silver here and can switch it up depending on every bridesmaid's preference. 

4. Matching stacking rings 

Stacking rings can be the perfect gift for you all to wear together to remember this special day! These are a great option because they are able to wear them with already existing rings they own, or on their own, if they prefer. There are no rules when it comes to stacking rings

5. Knot themed pieces

Knot jewelry has long been associated with deep love and commitment. Since knots have no start or end point and loops continuously it is a great symbol for infinite love and partnership. While you celebrate your big day dedicated to love, give them a gift that represents it. Not only that, but it can represent the love and friendship you have for each other as well!

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