Guide to promise rings

Guide to promise rings

Guide to promise rings

What is a promise ring?

A promise ring is a ring given from one person to another as a symbol of love and commitment. For some couples, a promise ring is a stepping stone to engagement. One might even call it a pre-engagement ring. The exchange of a promise ring signifies the giver’s loyalty to the relationship and their intentions for a future with the receiver, whether it be engagement and marriage or a long-term partnership in general. They also indicate to the outside world that you and your partner are taken and in an exclusive relationship. 

Promise rings are commonly gifted on special occasions like birthdays, holidays or anniversaries. If you’re considering gifting a promise ring, here’s everything you need to know from our custom jewelry Omaha expert.  


Promise rings date back to the middle ages when men would give women what they called “posy rings,” after the French word poésie meaning “poetry” or “poem.” Promise rings have traditionally been given by men to their girlfriends, but it is not uncommon for men to wear them as well. Promise rings can be worn on any finger but are commonly worn on the middle or ring finger on either hand. 

Tips for choosing a promise ring

1. Go simple 

When it comes to getting a promise ring, keep it subtle. People will often confuse a diamond promise ring with an engagement ring, especially if it's worn on the left ring finger. Save the flash for your engagement ring and choose something delicate and classic. 

2. Choose something symbolic

It’s important that you choose something meaningful as your promise ring. Opt for a ring that symbolizes your love in some way. For instance, a heart-shape, infinity and love knot sign rings are all good options. You can also choose a gemstone that has special meaning to your partner such as their birthstone or one of the many gems commonly associated with love.

3. Personalize it

Finally, personalize your promise ring with a romantic word or phrase to show them how much you love them. One example might be engraving your anniversary date on the inside of the ring. Our custom jewelry Omaha experts can help you find the perfect words to get your message across.

Are you at a serious point in your relationship but not quite ready for engagement? A promise ring could be the perfect gift to show your partner that you’re all in without taking that big step towards marriage. Our custom jewelry Omaha experts can help you find the perfect promise ring that is both simple and personal to your love story. Contact us or shop our full collection in store today at Shops of Legacy in Omaha!