Going engagement ring shopping as a couple

Going engagement ring shopping as a couple

Going engagement ring shopping as a couple

No longer are potential brides required to rely on their Pinterest boards and the help of their friends to get the ring they want. They don’t have to drop hints and hope that they are picked up on that really they want a yellow gold band and not white gold. The reality is that nowadays, 62 percent of couples go engagement ring shopping together. 

Our engagement rings Nebraska experts go over some of the top reasons why you should go engagement ring shopping as a couple below. 

  1. The real thing is different than pictures

Trying on rings in person is an absolute must for discovering which style of engagement ring is right for you. Knowing what shape and style you like via pictures can be a complete 180 from the rings you like in person. This is because you may find that certain shapes complement your finger size more than others, plus, you can compare the metal colors with your own eyes and see which ones best compliment your skin tone. Any engagement rings Nebraska expert will tell you to try on as many rings as you want to guarantee at the end of the day the style you pick out is one that you are going to love forever. 

  1. Setting a realistic budget

While many couples think about the “X months salary” rule when it comes to ring shopping, you may find that when looking in person that amount is too small or too large. Seeing what size carat you like and setting styles can greatly influence the overall cost of your engagement ring. Our engagement rings Nebraska experts recommend having a preliminary budget talk before going ring shopping, that way you can tell whoever is helping you a price range, and you don’t fall in love with something way over budget. 

  1. Get your ring finger sized

When you go engagement ring shopping together in person, it allows you to get your ring finger sized by the jeweler. This will help ensure a perfect fit during the proposal, meaning no awkward moments where the ring slips off or won’t even go down after you’ve said, “yes!” If you already have rings, you think that you already know your ring size, but your ring finger could be smaller or larger than the fingers you wear your other rings. A professional engagement rings Nebraska expert can advise you whether the size you are wearing is just right, too small, or too large as well for something as important as your engagement ring. 

  1. It can be romantic

Don’t make ring shopping together a chore, it’s an exciting step that you are taking as a couple and should be romantic! Go to brunch beforehand or a nice dinner out after to celebrate this momentous occasion. Plan for a special date day, and maybe even get your nails done. Going engagement ring shopping together means that you guys are one step closer to marriage, and ready to make an initial commitment to the other that says you want to spend forever with them. 

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