Classic engagement ring styles

Classic engagement ring styles

Classic engagement ring styles

Finding the special someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with is an exciting time! It’s a big deal to find the person you were meant to be with, what better way to celebrate than with the perfect engagement ring? You can never go wrong with a classic design, and so our Nebraska diamond rings experts go over the most classic settings you can get in an engagement ring below.

Solitaire ring

The most traditional and classic-looking setting is the solitaire setting. This is because it is a ring setting that is designed to show off the center stone most directly. It has no other stones surrounding the centerpiece, so the diamond can really shine in all its glory without any distractions. This classic setting can accommodate any diamond shape and display the 4 C’s most distinctly. 

Since this setting is more simple in design, it is guaranteed to not fall trap to trends that are in one year and outdated the next. It’s a design that can be loved even 50 years after the purchase date. Also, because of its simple band, it will pair nicely with any style of wedding band that a couple wants. It is also a setting that is very easy to clean. 

Halo ring

Our Nebraska diamond rings experts say that if you’re looking for a classic style that has a little more sparkle than a solitaire, then the halo setting is for you! A halo setting is a ring setting where the center diamond is surrounded by round pave or micro pave diamonds. It’s a “halo” of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger one. This ring setting is considered a classic because it is not only a currently popular style, but it is also a very common setting seen with heirloom rings and vintage pieces. In fact, this ring style first became popular during the Victorian era. This setting adds a little extra fire to the engagement ring, and can even make the center stone appear larger. 

Three stone ring

A three stone ring setting is exactly what the name suggests, a ring setting that showcases three different gems. Traditionally, this has one large center stone flanked by two smaller ones on its side. This ring setting is a classic because of its beautiful symbolism. The three stones are meant to represent different things. One stone represents the past of your relationship, the center one is the present day relationship, and the third one is supposed to represent the future of your love. This timeless style is perfect for a couple who wants a ring with a deep and rich meaning to represent their marriage. You’ll never get tired of looking at your ring finger and being reminded of the sentiment involved with this setting! 

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