The beauty behind a three stone engagement ring

The beauty behind a three stone engagement ring

The beauty behind a three stone engagement ring

Three stone rings are a very popular option for couples searching for the perfect engagement ring. Besides just more diamonds and more sparkle, there is a special and meaningful reason why this ring setting is so popular! Rich with symbolism and personal significance, check out some of the reasons why a three stone engagement ring could be perfect for you!


Three stone rings are beautiful in design, but taking a look at the deeper meaning behind them makes them even more special! Three stone engagement rings are designed with the intention of each stone representing a different thing.

The two most popular theories are that the three stone engagement ring stands for the past, present and future of a relationship, or also they can be interpreted to mean friendship, love and fidelity. It is a significant representation of your past memories, the current moments you’re living through together and an imagined future filled with love and happiness. 

Three stone engagement rings also offer couples more options for customization. The two side stones of the engagement ring can be customized to be the two birthstones of the couple, creating a new metaphor of them coming together in love and matrimony. 

Different designs

Traditionally, three stone engagement rings are made with symmetrical shapes like round cut or princess cut diamonds.  The side stones are larger than normal diamonds you might find engraved in a setting, but they are not as large as the center stone, creating a tiered effect. You can even find three stone engagement rings in a combo halo design. 

However, if the perfect engagement ring for you features a different diamond cut, don’t fret! Three stone engagement rings can be made with fancy cut diamonds that are asymmetrical too. A good rule of thumb to follow is to pair symmetrical center cuts with symmetrical side stones and asymmetrical center cuts with asymmetrical side stones. 

Benefits of three stone engagement rings

  • The symbolism: This is the only ring setting that is not only beautiful but holds a story with it. 

  • The sparkle: whereas a solitaire ring has one beautiful diamond, the three stone ring has three! That’s triple the sparkle! 

  • Unique: A three stone engagement ring is the perfect engagement ring if you are looking to stand out from the crowd. It’s bold and easily turns heads when worn on a ring finger! 

  • Customizable: There are so many different combinations you can make to create your own custom and unique three stone engagement ring. 

Popular three stone engagement rings

There are a lot of celebrities who chose a three stone ring as their engagement ring! Nicole Kidman, Gisele Bundchen and Olivia Palermo to name a few! However, the ring style has seen a recent surge in popularity thanks to Meghan Markle's engagement ring! Her ring has even more symbolism behind it with her side stones coming from Princess Diana’s private jewelry collection and the center stone being mined from where she first met Harry. 

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