The history of halo rings

The history of halo rings

The history of halo rings

Halo rings are one of the most popular styles of engagement rings that brides love! With a sparkly center stone surrounded by other smaller diamonds, what’s not to love? The setting looks gorgeous and can complement any diamond shape. They are a very trendy choice for 2021 brides, but will the trend be over in just a few years?

To answer that question, our 14 Karat jewelry experts say it can be helpful to look at the history of the halo ring! 

Georgian and Victorian era 

Halo rings first became popular in the Georgian era from 1714-1837. However, these halo rings that were seen in Europe back then were not what we would see in modern day. Back then, a round cut diamond or a pearl would be used as the center stone and the diamonds or pearls only slightly smaller in size would surround the center. This would give the appearance of an opulent frame. 

The halo remained popular in the Victorian era from 1837-1901 but with a small twist. More often now a large colored gemstone was used for the center stone and diamonds would surround it in order to give off the appearance of a flower. A good example of this can be seen in Kate Middleton’s engagement ring

Art Deco era 

The Art Deco era that emerged in the 1920s is when our 14 Karat jewelry experts say the more modern halo was born. This is when clean geometric lines were used and it was more obvious that the surrounding diamond and stones were much smaller than the center stone. When looking at a halo ring you can see the old charm and romanticism that is emulated. 

Modern day

Nowadays, halo rings have expanded to include every shape for the center stone. You can find a marquise halo or a square-cut stone surrounded by pave diamonds, anything goes! Traditional halos have even expanded into the double halo in which the center stone gets encircled twice. 

Halo ring benefits

Our 14 Karat jewelry experts think it is safe to say that the halo ring has stood the test of time and will continue to be a popular setting for many years to come, not just because of its beauty but because of its many benefits. Halo rings can make the center stone look up to a half-carat larger. Another benefit is that the surrounding diamonds can offer protection to the center stone. Plus, the surrounding diamonds emphasize the beauty and magnificence of the center stone, highlighting its cut and clarity. Not to mention the overwhelming sparkle effect that a halo and double halo ring can give off. It is an absolutely stunning ring setting choice! 

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