Guide to summer-proof jewelry

Guide to summer-proof jewelry

Guide to summer-proof jewelry

Summer is quickly approaching, and green skin did not make the list of trends this year! Now that school is out and the weather is nice, it’s time to take advantage of all the fun activities that the season has to offer. And of course, you have to dress to impress! As you shop the latest summer jewelry trends, you may be tempted to compromise on quality for a lower price. But summer is definitely not the time to settle for cheap jewelry, or to fail to care for it properly. 

From sweating to swimming, your summer jewelry will likely be exposed to a variety of activities that could tarnish its appearance. However, if you invest in the best 14 karat gold pieces and commit to caring for them properly, your jewelry will last you long past this summer. Here are a few rules to summer-proof your pieces from jewelry stores in Omaha so that they shine all season long!


Play on with 14 karat gold! Unlike the cheap stuff such as nickel, copper and brass, gold will not be damaged by the naturally occurring sweat and oils produced by your body when exposed to hot summer temperatures or exercising. So you can run, walk, dance, and work out all summer long without fear of ruining your jewelry.


While 14 karat gold is not affected by water alone, swimming in it is not recommended. The chlorine or salt in pools and the ocean can damage and discolor your jewelry. Not only that, swimming in cold water can cause your skin to shrink, allowing your jewelry to easily slip off in the water. This can go easily unnoticed while swimming and is particularly problematic in the ocean as the odds of finding it are slim to none. As a general rule, to take off your jewelry prior to swimming!


Prolonged exposure to the sun can progress the oxidation process in your jewelry, causing it to become dull and discolored. In addition to that, sunscreen, tan oils and other lotions can cause a negative chemical reaction which can also cause damage to your jewelry. Who wants the tan lines anyways? Beat the summer heat by taking off your jewelry while tanning or in the sun!


There are conflicting opinions as to if sand can damage 14 karat gold. While gold is a very hard and durable material and therefore is difficult to scratch, small rocks and sand particles can be really abrasive. Our verdict: take off your ring when you will be interacting with sand. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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With less than a week till summer, it’s time to start shopping for the upcoming season. Buy the latest summer jewelry trends this year, but avoid reaching for the fake stuff. Swimming, sweating, sand and the sun are all things that could leave you with damaged jewelry this summer. 

14 karat gold is one of the strongest and most durable jewelry materials for the summer when cared for properly. Contact us or visit our jewelry stores in Omaha to shop high-quality fine jewelry that you can wear this summer and for many to come!