How to take care of your jewelry during the summer

How to take care of your jewelry during the summer

How to take care of your jewelry during the summer

Your jewelry is something special to you, and you want to do everything you can to take care of it. While your jewelry deserves to be taken care of all year long, the summer months can require a little extra TLC. Take care of your beautiful pieces with some tips from our custom jewelry Omaha NE experts!  

1. Take jewelry off before swimming

If you are going to go swimming or take a dip in a hot tub this summer, make sure you aren’t wearing any of your fine jewelry pieces! Salt water and chlorine can damage the metals used in your jewelry, as well as erode any finishes. Not to mention this can discolor some of your gemstones. Water is also an easy place for jewelry to slip off and become lost forever. It’s best to just leave the jewelry at home in these instances. 

2. Don’t wear it when applying lotions

You should also be wary of your jewelry when you are applying lotions and gels. Things like sunscreen and hair gel can build up on your jewelry and make it look lifeless and dull. Lotions are also a slippery substance that, over time, could get in-between the prongs of your rings and cause the gemstones to fall out. 

3. Wipe down jewelry every day 

With all the humidity and heat from summer, it’s normal for your jewelry to lose a little bit of its normal sparkle. You can bring it right back by wiping down your jewelry after it is worn with a clean, soft, and slightly damp cloth. For jewelry you wear often, you can take it a step further and clean it at the end of every week or month. The best and safest way our custom jewelry Omaha NE experts recommend for most of your jewelry is to clean with some warm, soapy water and a soft bristled toothbrush. 

4. Store it well 

Summer is a popular travel time and you want to ensure your jewelry’s safekeeping by investing in some good storage containers. In order to keep your jewelry looking its best this summer, make sure you are storing pieces separately from one another to prevent metals from rubbing up against each other, or having a harder stone like a diamond scratch a softer gem like an opal. Plastic bags can be used in a pinch to separate your pieces, but don’t use it for your pearls as the plastic can dry them out. 

5. Take it to a professional 

Towards the end of summer, when you start to switch out your summer jewelry trends for some new fall pieces, it’s never a bad idea to take some of your more well-loved pieces to our custom jewelry Omaha NE experts. They can inspect for loose stones and scratches you may not be able to notice, and give it a professional cleaning. 

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