Summer necklace trends to try

Summer necklace trends to try

Summer necklace trends to try

With the birds chirping, flowers blooming and pools finally opening back up, it’s easy to tell that summer is just around the corner! Soon we’ll be rocking our sandals, sundresses and our new summer jewelry! Whether you are spending this summer traveling around or relaxing at home, everyone will love and want to try these summer necklace trends

1. Layers on layers

The perfect trend for those who have a tough time deciding on just one necklace to wear with their outfit, you can rock multiple necklaces at once. When trying out the layers trend there are a few things to keep in mind that can help ensure you are optimizing your layers. Choosing necklaces in a variety of lengths, colors, metals and textures can help make sure your layered necklace look feels complete. Focusing on one bold piece and layering more simple accent necklaces with it is another good tip to make sure your layers are in harmony. 

2. Personalized pieces

Make sure you are rocking some personalized necklace pieces to remind yourself that this summer is all about YOU! This can be an initial pendant or maybe a birthstone piece as well. Wearing your astrological sign as a necklace too has become very popular. It’s all about wearing pieces that are unique to you and represent who you are in a way. 

3. Rainbow fun

Color, color, color! When you introduce colored jewelry into your wardrobe, you can elevate your style to a whole new level! Colored jewelry is “happy jewelry” and we can all use a little extra joy in our lives after this past year! Wear colored necklaces that make you happy in colors that make your outfit pop! If you’re normally someone who sticks to neutrals, have no fear, there are some tips you can follow that make incorporating color into your jewelry easy.

4. Feeling bold in gold

This summer necklaces trends list would not be complete without the mention of gold jewelry.  Adding a touch of golden jewelry is the perfect complement to warm, summery outfits! Simple gold delicate necklaces and bigger, bolder chains both work for this summer trend. Gold goes with every outfit and can easily be worn from day to night, styling a more casual look and taking you out for a night on the town. 

5. Pearls

Pearl necklaces are a classic that belongs in every woman’s jewelry box, but in regards to this summer, a more modern twist is encouraged. Instead of an elegant strand of pearls, a more unique pearl pendant is taking center stage. Combine some of the summer necklace trends from above and wear some colored pearls, or layer them with some of your other gold necklaces. Pearls are effortlessly classic, feminine and pair with a lot of other pieces. 

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