Holiday party jewelry guide

Holiday party jewelry guide

Holiday party jewelry guide

It’s one of the best times of the year! What’s not to love about the holiday season? There’s delicious food, holiday parties and, of course, beautiful new holiday jewelry! While you are getting ready to attend company holiday parties or friend’s celebrations, make sure you are arriving in style by wearing the best holiday jewelry. This guide from our NE jewelry experts can help you dress your best for this festive season. 

What type of party is it? 

The jewelry you wear to your office’s party is going to be completely different from the jewelry you wear to your grandma’s get-together.  For a house party, you can keep it more casual and wear some of your tried and true comfortable pieces. For a work party, you will want to step it up a little in terms of style, and keep it professional. If you are going out to celebrate with friends, then it may be time to pick accessories that are going to make your outfit pop and give you confidence. 

Accessories for casual gatherings

When you are getting ready for something casual, your best bet is to gravitate towards some of your classic sets. You want to pick out jewelry pieces that will enhance your outfit instead of competing with it. Something like a pair of diamond studs and a simple pendant necklace is a perfect combination. Our NE jewelry experts recommend wearing pearls because they never go out of style and perfectly complement any outfit. 

Accessories for work celebrations 

It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone for a work party, but you still want to keep it simple. Jewelry with just a little bit of glam and sparkle will work best. You can pick a statement piece and coordinate other more simple jewelry pieces around it. You want to make sure that your statement piece is taking center stage. For example, wearing large ruby dangling earrings and pairing them with a simple chain bracelet. Work parties are also great events to embrace layering. Wearing stacking rings or pairing two of your favorite necklaces together adds extra sparkle to your outfit. 

Accessories for formal occasions

Formal holiday parties are your time to bring out the jewelry you normally don’t get to wear. These are your statement pieces that are glamorous and make you feel beautiful. This can be a diamond tennis bracelet, large teardrop earrings, an extra sparkly necklace or your favorite gemstone cocktail ring. In order to not overdo it, it is best to stick to just one or two of these dazzling pieces at a time. 

Other tips to keep in mind

No matter what type of holiday celebration you are attending this year, when it comes to your jewelry, some other tips to keep in mind include:

  • Stay true to your style

  • Less is more

  • Unify your pieces by picking a single color

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