How to mix your jewelry instead of match

How to mix your jewelry instead of match

How to mix your jewelry instead of match

You don’t have to buy your jewelry in sets anymore, there is real beauty that can come from mixing your jewelry instead of trying to match it. While you may have heard that mixing metals is a no-no, there are no real hard and fast rules about mixing your jewelry. In fact, what fun are rules unless you get to break them every now and then?

Mixing up your jewelry can help your style stay fresh and relevant. Wearing your 14 Karat gold pieces with some added silver pieces or rose gold can create a stunning new combo that is perfectly unique for you. 

If you are new to mixing pieces, read up on some of the tips from our 14 Karat jewelry experts to make it a little easier. 

Pick a Centerpiece

This tip can be broken down in two different ways. The first is to pick a piece of jewelry that you want to highlight and go from there. This can be a statement necklace or bracelet that you add to and help make it pop which will make it the star. For example, if you wanted to highlight a beautiful 14 Karat gold locket necklace, you could add a few other thinner chains around it, and wear different bracelets with similar gold tones. 

The other way picking a centerpiece can be broken down is by picking a body area that you would like to concentrate on. This can mean choosing to mix only certain pieces on your neck, fingers or wrists. This way you can focus on one area and let it shine without overwhelming your whole look. 

Mix Metals

You no longer have to stick to one color palette, feel free to mix your 14 Karat gold pieces with silver, rose gold or copper. The more the merrier! Mixing metals can create a distinctive look that looks alive and engaging. With just a few different pieces you can make your own style. 

Add Color

To truly master mixing your jewelry you need to mix more than just your metals! Do not be afraid to pop in some color either. One way this can be achieved is through colorful woven bracelets or color beads that you integrate with the silver and gold bracelets. Another way to achieve the pop of color is to add some jewelry with gemstones. You don’t have to stick to one color gemstone either, but can mix it up and have purple, green, red or whatever you want! 

Stack stack stack

Getting comfortable with stacking jewelry is crucial in being able to mix your jewelry like a pro. Mixing is usually most successful when you stack on a certain area or areas of your body. This can mean wearing multiple necklaces or bracelets. 

Some people do not like to stack their necklaces or bracelets because they believe it makes it too heavy, but the solution to this is stacking rings! You do not just have to wear rings on your ring finger, you can wear them on any finger, and you can wear multiples at once. It does not matter if you wear two rings on one finger, or a single ring on every finger, stacking is a great way to mix up your jewelry game! 

14 Karat

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