How to style siver jewelry

How to style siver jewelry

How to style siver jewelry

Silver jewelry is versatile and has a timeless elegance. Learning how to style silver jewelry can enhance your overall look and make a powerful fashion statement. From dainty silver necklaces to statement silver rings, your Omaha jewelry store wanted to give you various styling techniques to help you unlock the full potential of the silver pieces in your jewelry collection!

Embracing minimalism

One of the most alluring things about silver jewelry is its ability to shine even in the simplest of ways. Embrace minimalism by wearing delicate silver pieces that add a touch of grace to your look. Opt for a dainty silver chain necklace paired with stud earrings for an effortlessly chic look. Less is often more when it comes to silver jewelry.


Layering silver jewelry can create a stunning effect. Experiment with different lengths and textures to create a unique look. Combine a choker necklace with longer pendants, or layer delicate silver bracelets to create an eye-catching wrist stack. The key is to strike a balance between the pieces, ensuring they complement each other without overwhelming your overall style.

Mixing metals

Gone are the days of adhering to certain fashion rules! Embrace the trend of mixing metals by pairing your silver jewelry with other metals like gold or rose gold. The contrasting tones can create a visually striking combination and add depth and personality to your look. Try stacking silver rings with gold bands, or wear a silver necklace adorned with a rose gold pendant for an eclectic and modern look.

Playing with gemstones

Incorporate gemstones along with your silver accessories. The cool-toned silver serves as an excellent backdrop for a wide range of gemstone colors. Experiment with vibrant stones like amethyst, turquoise or garnet, or opt for classic choices like pearls or diamonds. The combination of silver and gemstones can elevate your jewelry game to new heights, adding a pop of color and shine to your look.

Making a statement

When you want to make a bold impression, turn to statement silver jewelry. Chunky silver rings, intricate cuffs and oversized earrings can instantly become the centerpiece of your outfit. Keep the rest of your ensemble simple and let your statement piece take the spotlight.

Considering your skin tone

While silver is generally a versatile metal that complements various skin tones, it's essential to consider your undertones for optimal styling. If you have warm undertones, choose silver jewelry with a yellowish or rose gold hue to create harmony. Cooler undertones can embrace the true brilliance of sterling silver. Experiment with different shades and observe how they interact with your complexion to find the most flattering silver jewelry pieces for you.

Visit your Omaha jewelry store

Silver jewelry is for everyone. It can accentuate your personal style and enhance your overall look. If you’re looking for silver pieces to add to your jewelry collection, visit our Omaha jewelry store located in the Shops of Legacy on Wright Plaza, or contact us today with any questions or comments!