How to style your holiday jewelry

How to style your holiday jewelry

How to style your holiday jewelry

Holidays are definitely the season for sparkle! While there might not be a ton of holiday parties to go to this year thanks to COVID-19, there are still plenty of opportunities to get your holiday glam on and show off some new and fun holiday jewelry pieces. 

The options for seasonal jewelry are unlimited, and it can be kind of confusing figuring out how to wear all of your new pieces. Luckily, our 14 Karat jewelry experts have some tips on making the most of the holiday season and incorporating your holiday jewelry into your everyday wear! 

1. Embrace colors

This season is filled with festive colors and the best thing to do with your holiday jewelry is embrace them! You can wear colorful stackable rings in red and green to commemorate Christmas, or embody all blue for Hanukkah celebrations. Sparkly gold and silver pieces are also a fun way to make a holiday and winter themed statement with your outfit! While mixing and matching can be fun, for holiday jewelry, we recommend sticking to one color theme at a time. 

2. Keep it classic

You do not have to get jewelry that sings or bracelets that jingle all the way in order to have beautiful holiday jewelry! Sometimes the best pieces are the classics that you save for this special time of year. A beautiful gold or silver necklace with a solitaire diamond can be the perfect addition to elevate your holiday outfit. Bringing out your classic pearl set can also bring elegance and charm to your look without being over the top. 

3. Make a statement (or two!)

Another fun way to wear your jewelry during this season is to have a statement piece or two to jazz up your holiday look. This can range anywhere from big and bold earrings to a gorgeous necklace to colorful stackable rings that you place on every finger. The key to having a statement piece is to wear it without any competition from other pieces so that it truly stands out. This way you can show off your special jewelry in a way it deserves. 

4. Layer on the sparkle 

Adding multiple jewelry layers is another way to make sure you are getting the most of your holiday jewelry. You can layer on different sizes, lengths and even colors of necklaces or bracelets. Layering can be fun because you can wear multiple pieces at once and it all forms one cohesive look. Plus, you can always mix and match different pieces in the layer to create a fresh new look every time. 

5. Know your style

You do not have to go over the top just because it is the holidays. Always make sure that your jewelry is representative of you and your style. That’s what makes it fun! If you are normally not a necklace wearer and prefer earrings, then you can get festive earrings and skip out on a new necklace. Wear holiday pieces that you like and can return to year after year. 

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