How to take care of rose gold jewelry

How to take care of rose gold jewelry

How to take care of rose gold jewelry

Rose gold has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with many people admiring it for its romantic hue. Rose gold is created by mixing alloys of gold with copper and silver. Many jewelers experiment with the exact amount of each element to create their very own special rose gold recipe. 

With this popular metal trending, it is more important than ever to know how to take care of rose gold. Our 14 Karat jewelry experts go over the best methods here: 

Be diligent with maintenance 

When you first get your rose gold jewelry, it is shiny and beautiful, and the key to keeping it that way is to perform regular maintenance on it. This is especially true if the rose gold is a part of some of your everyday jewelry collection. When your jewelry gets worn every day, it tends to collect dirt and oil easily just from your normal chores. Whether you are cooking, spending time outside and more, be diligent with wiping down your rose gold jewelry with a polishing cloth. This will help to get rid of buildup and maintain your jewelry’s radiance. 

Clean it 

Your jewelry is bound to have small crevices and areas that your polishing cloth cannot reach and get dirty over time. This is when you will want to clean it. While you can definitely clean your jewelry at home, be careful with methods that you find on the internet! Some articles that will tell you to clean your jewelry with ketchup! Using condiments to clean jewelry is something that we definitely do not recommend. 

The safest cleaning method you should know for how to take care of rose gold is just soap and warm water. Place a soft cloth in the bottom of a small bowl or glass to prevent scratching, and then fill that container with warm water and a mild soap. Let the jewelry soak for a minimum of five minutes, and then thoroughly rinse it. Make sure that your drain has a plug in it as you are rinsing your jewelry, or fill a different container with clean water to use. Once all the dirt has been removed, dry your rose gold jewelry with a cleaning cloth. 

If you feel like your at home cleaning method is not doing a thorough cleaning, then bring it to our 14 Karat jewelry experts. We would be happy to assist you! It is recommended that you bring your jewelry in for a professional cleaning once a year

Store it carefully

When learning how to take care of rose gold jewelry, another important element is storage practices. What do you do with your jewelry once you are done wearing it? In order to keep your metals from tarnishing, make sure you are separating your jewelry by metal type.  Only put away jewelry that is clean and dry, as moisture can make metals deteriorate more quickly! Finally, keep your jewelry in a cool, dark place that maintains a consistent temperature. If at all possible, make sure that the way you store your jewelry is in a way that your pieces do not touch one another. 

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