Jewelry myths you shouldn’t believe

Jewelry myths you shouldn’t believe

Jewelry myths you shouldn’t believe

Jewelry has been around for ages, and like with most things, myths and stories were created and passed around for people to hear. Some jewelry myths are common folklore while others have only recently been fabricated. Since your jewelry has both intrinsic and sentimental value, it is important to have all the facts straight. 

Our 14 Karat jewelry experts debunk some of the biggest and most widely believed jewelry myths so you can know the truth. 

Diamonds are indestructible

While diamonds are certainly durable and rank a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, they are far from indestructible. The 10 rank only means that a diamond will not scratch. Diamonds can still chip and have small pieces break off if they are worn in too rough of a manner. Extreme temperatures can also be detrimental to a diamond’s structure and cause it to crack and break. 

Gold comes in many colors

Many times jewelry pieces will come in a variety of metals and gold color options. You have the opportunity to choose between yellow, white and rose gold for most new jewelry pieces. This has led to the myth that gold comes in different colors – but that is not true. 

Pure gold can only be found as a yellow color. It is then alloyed, or mixed, with other metals to make it a stronger substance and to change its color if desired. For example, rose gold is gold alloyed with a strong concentration of copper. 

Pearls are easily dissolved

Pearls are a delicate gemstone, it's true, and if left in vinegar for several days, experts believe that they would dissolve, but we wouldn’t call that easy! The only way a pearl would instantaneously dissolve is if it was crushed into a fine powder first. This old wives tale of pearls dissolving dates all the way back to Queen Cleopatra, who is rumored to have thrown a party where she dissolved pearls and drank them in front of everyone to display her wealth. 

Bigger stones are more expensive

It can be easy to get lost up in carat size, especially when picking out the perfect engagement ring, but don’t count off that bigger diamond yet! Just because one diamond is larger than the other does not automatically mean that it is going to be more expensive. Carat is just one of the 4 C’s that our 14 Karat jewelry experts measure to determine the worth of the diamond. 

You can’t mix silver and gold jewelry together

While it’s not uncommon for most people to believe that you shouldn’t mix your metal jewelry together, there are no hard and fast rules about mixing jewelry that you have to follow. You can mix your rose gold pieces with your platinum and yellow gold pieces with your silver, it doesn’t really matter! Mixing metal can actually create a unique look that is engaging to the eye and develops your personal style. Even if you do not feel comfortable mixing your jewelry, there are some tips you can follow from our 14 Karat jewelry experts on mixing instead of matching. 

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