Pearl: All About June’s Birthstone

Pearl: All About June’s Birthstone

Pearl: All About June’s Birthstone

June’s original birthstone is the beautiful pearl. Pearls are the only gemstone made by a living thing. The rarest and most precious pearls are made in the wild, without the help of humans, and require little to no polishing as they are naturally lustrous.

Mollusks produce pearls when they place layers of calcium carbonate around microscopic irritants that get stuck, or placed, in their shells. Today, many pearls are created by farmers placing a round bead into pearl oysters or freshwater pearl mussels, known as cultured pearls. However, natural pearls can still be found in the Persian Gulf near Bahrain, the Indian Ocean near Australia, and the coastlines of the Philippines and Indonesia.

Below our custom jewelry Omaha experts show you the history and meaning of the pearl.


Different cultures have unique stories of where they believe the pearl originated from. Ancient Greeks believe Aphrodite came out dripping in pearls when she emerged from the sea. The Chinese say the moon had the power to create pearls. Persians accredit pearls to a rainbow touching the earth after a storm. Thatians may have the closest origin story of what the pearl symbolizes today; Oro, the god of peace and fertility, gave the princess of Bora Bora a pearl to symbolize his love. Lastly, the Japanese are convinced mermaids cried pearls.


The pearl symbolizes purity. Oftentimes, brides will wear pearls on their wedding day because of this belief. Pearls also symbolize wealth and wisdom, and are among one of the most popular gems in the world. Pearls also offer protection and give you luck; they can calm you, and balance out your karma. 


Pearls are most often seen in fine jewelry, but can also be used in feng shui. In feng shui, there are five elements used to balance harmony: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Pearls can be used to invite the metal element in; you can do this by placing a pearl bracelet on a side table or with a pearl gem tree. You can also use pearls to activate Dui, the complexion area, or Kun, the relationships area.


Wearing pearls is both elegant and classy. White and silver pearls symbolize joy and clarity. Yellow pearls carry nurturing energy. Blueish green pearls enhance healing. Black pearls are known to increase intuition.

Pearls are most commonly worn as earrings, a string of pearls on a necklace, or a pearl embedded into a ring.

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Even if pearls are not your birthstone, they are a gorgeous and rare gemstone to wear as fine jewelry. They are a great way to enhance your look, and will function as a great gift. Our custom Jewelry Omaha experts can help you identify your birthstone and find the perfect fit to add to your collection. Contact us or visit our store today!