Picking the perfect last-minute gift

Picking the perfect last-minute gift

Picking the perfect last-minute gift

If you have procrastinated buying a gift for someone special in your life, there is no need to panic. With Christmas only a few days away, there may not be time to go store to store, but if there’s one present every woman wants, it’s jewelry. Our 14 Karat NE jewelry experts can help you find the perfect last-minute jewelry present that she will love for years to come. 

1. An initial pendant 

When it comes to presents, the personal ones are always the ones that make us smile the most! You can get the best of both worlds by combining personal with jewelry and getting her an initial pendant for the holidays. A beautiful initial pendant can hold the letter of her first name, yours, or a last name! 

An initial pendant is the perfect last-minute gift that she can save to wear for special occasions or add it to her everyday style. It’s a very versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn with any type of outfit and blend seamlessly into her look. Just make sure you know her favorite metal color before picking one out! Just look at her current jewelry box and see what metal color type (gold, white, or rose) she leans towards and wears the most. 

2. Diamond studs

Diamond studs are timeless and classic jewelry pieces that any woman would love to see under the Christmas tree! Diamonds are a girl's best friend and having two of them means twice the fun! Our NE jewelry experts say this is because diamonds go with everything, are perfect for everyday wear and never go out of style. 

Stud earrings are great because they won’t ever feel too showy, but will also make her feel glamorous. They are also perfect for stacking! Her ear party will be complete with her new pair of diamond studs. 

3. Birthstone jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is another great jewelry option that combines a love of sparkly things with personalization. You can get her jewelry that has her birthstone featured, your birthstone, children's birthstones or any combination of them. One of the best birthstone pieces is a new stacking ring!  Stackable rings are one of the biggest trends in jewelry today and offer plenty of opportunities to be unique. She can wear her new stacking ring one way for one day, and wear it with other pieces and completely change her look the next day. There are no rules when it comes to stacking rings! 

4. New earrings

Earrings are the most popular jewelry pieces worn regularly by women! So if you want to get her a gift you know she will wear and love, your best bet is to go with a new pair! Studs are the most popular, but you can mix it up and get her a new pair of dangle earrings or hoop earrings. 

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