The trick to getting her jewelry she’ll love

The trick to getting her jewelry she’ll love

The trick to getting her jewelry she’ll love

With Black Friday just around the corner, gifts to get people for the holidays are fresh on everyone's mind. There is no better gift to give the women you love than jewelry! In fact, 58 percent of women prefer to receive jewelry as a present. However, there is a caveat, it should be jewelry that they want to wear. So how do you make sure you’re getting her jewelry she’ll love? Our 14 Karat Omaha, NE jewelry experts give you all the tips you need to give the best gift ever! 

1. Leave your opinion out of it

It can be tempting to pick out something that you love and just assume that she will feel the same way, but that is a giant gamble. You also want to stray away from items that you would like to see her wear. Jewelry is an extension of her personality and style, not yours. If you want to guarantee she will love the jewelry, make the focus all about her. 

2. Look at her jewelry box

Her current jewelry box is where you will get the most information from. The most important things you will want to pay attention to are what items she has the most of and what metal she prefers. Gift-giving is not the best time to get her something new to try. If you notice a prevalent amount of gold jewelry and she wears a lot of layered necklaces, then that’s the direction you should go. 

3. Think about her favorite color

If you are thinking about going in a fun direction and want to get her some gemstone jewelry, it is useful to know her favorite color! Does she love bright hues or gravitate more towards jewel tones? One trick is to look inside her closet. She’s likely filled it with some of her favorite colors to wear and ones that she knows she looks good in. Our NE jewelry experts say this is a good guideline to stay within, so you will get her a piece of jewelry that will blend seamlessly into her current wardrobe. 

4. Check out her Pinterest

Checking out a woman’s Pinterest is like taking a peek into her brain. 85 percent of women aged 25-54 use Pinterest to plan big or small moments in their lives. So that date night you have coming up, or any weddings you are guests at, more than likely, she has a fashion board dedicated to outfit inspiration. Check out the jewelry pieces she has pinned and what styles she prefers. 

5. Make it personal

There’s a reason all the jewelry ads you see are sentimental, it's because it's a gift that means something! It can mean even more when you lean into it and get her something personal. This can be a piece of jewelry with her birthstone, or something that combines your two birthstones together. Get her an initial pendant or something engraved with your anniversary date. Something you know will make her go, “aww.” 

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