Renewing your engagement ring

Renewing your engagement ring

Renewing your engagement ring

There are many reasons people choose to renew the wife’s engagement ring.  A special anniversary,  a vow renewal ceremony, or even just because. Sometimes tastes change or budgets get bigger. Whatever the case, nothing should stop you from getting the perfect engagement ring

Upgrade your ring

When you are first looking for the perfect engagement ring, you are told to find a balance between the four C’s: Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat. Each of the different C’s holds a different meaning and priority for every buyer. Generally speaking, the perfect cut and carat are more based on personal preference and opinion, but clarity and color come graded by the GIA. A diamond rated FL, flawless, has the highest clarity ranking and a diamond rated D, or colorless is the most pristine color. 

Many people place more of an emphasis on the C’s that matter most to them. This can mean that to one person a bigger diamond with more carats matters more than a colorless diamond, meanwhile, another buyer places the greatest weight on what cut the diamond is. When you upgrade your diamond ring, you can also upgrade your four C’s! Finding a diamond that is bigger with fewer inclusions and less visible color can help you to preserve the beauty and sentimental value of your original ring while still getting a high quality gemstone. 

Restyle your ring

Some people are really attached to their center stone and original engagement ring as it represents the beginning of their love story. So what can you do when you already have the perfect engagement ring? You can restyle it!

Restyling is a great way that you can change your ring to reflect your new style and status, while still maintaining the integrity of your original ring. You can restyle by changing the color of your metal, or switching the metal type altogether. Switching from white gold to platinum can help your ring wear longer without it getting tarnished or dull. You can add diamonds to the band, add a halo to the original stone, or change the setting altogether. Restyling your ring can be a beautiful way to symbolize the growth of your relationship. Gabriel & Co has a renewal bride collection that can help you reinvent your ring!

Trade in your ring

Life is full of changes. Sometimes your lifestyle changes, and sometimes your tastes completely change.  In this instance, the best way to renew your ring is to trade your original one in for a completely new one! Then you can reflect your new style and preferences with an improved ring! A happy, healthy marriage that has stood the test of time is worth getting the perfect engagement ring and celebrating. 

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