Seven times you should take off your engagement ring

Seven times you should take off your engagement ring

Seven times you should take off your engagement ring

Your engagement ring is a beautiful symbol that you get to wear daily that showcases your love and devotion to your partner. However, just because you get to wear your engagement ring every day does not mean there are not instances in which you should take it off. You spent so much time picking out the perfect engagement ring, make sure that you keep it sparkling and beautiful for years to come by taking a break from it during these particular instances:

1. Working out 

Whenever you plan on breaking a sweat, it is probably best to leave your ring at home. A majority of the metals used to make engagement rings are “soft” and malleable. That means that when you are power-lifting weights and putting pressure on your fingers, you run the risk of warping or bending your ring. Plus there are a lot of hard surfaces you can scratch your ring on. 

2. Showering

The go-to remedy when a ring gets stuck on your finger is to put a little soap on your finger to make it more slippery. So unless you want your ring to slip off your finger and down the drain, taking it into the shower with you is not the best idea. Plus all of the products you use while bathing could dull the appearance of your diamond. 

3. Swimming

Going swimming with your engagement ring is another bad idea. First, because water that you swim in is normally cold, it can shrink your fingers and make it easy for your ring to slip off. Saying that trying to find your ring lost in the ocean is hard would be an understatement. As for wearing it in pools, chlorine can be a harsh chemical that discolors your ring setting. 

4. Cleaning 

Cleaning can usually involve a lot of harsh chemical cleaning elements that can dull the perfect engagement ring. Bleach and ammonia can even change your ring’s color! Wearing rubber gloves can help you to protect your ring and your hands from coming into contact with these chemicals. 

5. Cooking 

If you are used to keeping your ring on all the time, it may completely slip your mind to take it off when you are cooking. However, when you are handling raw meat, bacteria can get stuck in your ring setting or get trapped between your ring and finger. To play it safe, it would be best to always just take your rings off when you prepare a meal. 

6. Pregnancy 

Gaining weight during pregnancy is completely normal and can change the way that your engagement ring fits. If it starts fitting a little too snuggly, don’t run off to get it resized, and don’t leave it on to cut off circulation. Your best bet is to find a new way to wear it, like wearing your ring on a necklace chain until your body is back to normal. 

7. Sleeping

Taking your ring off while you are sleeping can ensure that you do not snag it on pillows, sheets or even your own hair! Plus, when it is safely on your nightstand, you can guarantee it won’t come off in the middle of the night and you won’t have to spend the better part of your morning panic-searching beneath the comforter. However, unlike some of the other reasons on this list, it won’t outright harm your ring if you sleep with it on. Ultimately the decision is up to you. 

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