The best engagement ring trends of 2021

The best engagement ring trends of 2021

The best engagement ring trends of 2021

While the pandemic has affected a lot of things, it has not stopped love! Nor has it stopped engagements. Everyone deserves to have the engagement ring of their dreams, and sometimes looking towards modern trends can help you to discover what ring best fits your style. 

Our 14 Karat jewelry experts go over this year's most popular trends to help you find the perfect engagement ring

1. A styled band

When thinking about engagement rings, a lot of thoughts get directed towards the center stone and tend to leave the band on the back burner, but not this year. This year, stylized and unique bands are seeing their day in the sun and becoming more of a priority for brides. This trend can be seen in both ring settings and wedding bands. 

Styled bands can be a great option if you want to forgo the traditional bridal set, or love the idea of wearing your wedding ring and engagement ring on different days. For the days that you still want both, you can choose to rock them on separate fingers as well. 

2. Blue engagement rings

Thanks to the popularity of The Crown on Netflix, blue engagement rings are making a huge comeback for 2021. Just like Princess Diana's iconic blue sapphire stone, brides want an alternative blue stone to be the center of their perfect engagement ring. One particular U.K. jewelry brand, Taylor and Hart, has noticed a 300 percent increase in blue stoned engagement rings. Blue sapphires are not the only gems being used either, aquamarine, blue topaz and tanzanite are being used as a bride’s, “something blue,” requirement. 

3. Emerald engagement rings

Emeralds are stereotypically associated with new beginnings and that is what makes them the perfect engagement ring for 2021. An emerald is a classic and beautiful stone that will add elegance as well as a pop of color to your ring. Plus, emeralds are known as the “stone of successful love,” and can be a great symbol for your unending love.  

4. Elongated stones

This year is also seeing a trend towards more elongated stones as the center cut. That means that instead of the more traditional round cuts, brides are leaning towards more ovals, emeralds and pear shaped diamonds. These elongated stones can make the wearer’s finger look slimmer, as well as appear larger than round cuts of the same karat weight. Perfect for the bride wanting a ring that is beautiful and unique all while on a budget! 

5. Vintage chic

This year a lot of families did not get to spend as much time together, and it has brides yearning for the past. For these brides, the perfect engagement ring looks like a family heirloom with a more vintage cut and feel. Old European cuts on rings are timeless and their unique design makes them one of a kind. 

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