The different types of ring settings

The different types of ring settings

The different types of ring settings

Many people’s eyes are drawn to the center stone of any engagement ring. Although the center stone is the main focal point of the ring, the ring setting is just as important. It helps hold the stone in place and accentuates the stone’s natural beauty. Below are the most popular types of ring settings for engagement rings Nebraska!

Solitaire setting

Solitaire or prong settings have four to six prongs that hold the center stone, most often a diamond, in place. Different diamond cuts decide the amounts of prongs needed. It’s a simple setting that points your focus toward the stone. Many will choose this setting if they really want their diamond, or another stone of choice, to shine.

Halo setting

Halo settings enhance the center stone, and can even make it look like a larger carat weight than it actually is. Halo settings are the second most popular, with solitaire settings being the first. Halo settings can be simple or extravagant. The halo most typically goes around the center stone but can also be underneath or hidden.

Pavé setting

The third most popular setting is pavé. The name is coined from the phrase “paved,” as this ring setting features paved diamonds on the surrounding metal, almost making it unnoticeable. It makes for a sparkly, gorgeous ring. This setting allows the center stone to shine and gives the ring a bit more glamor.

Cathedral setting

The cathedral setting has sweeping arcs that extend from the center stone to the shank of the ring. It’s all about the hidden details. This setting allows the diamond to sit higher up off your finger, and it creates an elegant focal point of the ring.

Basket setting

Basket settings create a “basket” for the center stone to sit in. The center stone is still held on with its own prongs, but it also has horizontal bands that connect to vertical prongs. The diamond in this setting sits a bit lower, which adds protection to the center stone.

Bezel setting

In the bezel setting, a metal rim frames the center stone. It’s the most secure and has the most added protection for the stone. It’s a unique look, and a lot of modern brides are opting for this setting.

Tension setting

Tension settings are designed to make the center stone appear as if it's floating. In this setting, the shank holds the stone in place. Only diamonds, sapphires and rubies are recommended for this setting, as they’re the only ones with the hardness to handle the necessary tension that holds it in place. This setting is designed to fit around the center stone, and it can give you a ring unlike any other.

Bar setting

Bar settings feature two or more vertical bars sitting between each stone on the ring, which help hold the stones in place. It can be placed on some of the ring or the entire ring. The surface of the ring is smooth as the bars tend to sit a bit higher than the stones. It’s fitting for the contemporary bride.

Gypsy setting

Gypsy settings are commonly seen in wedding bands more often than engagement rings. The stones in this ring fit perfectly into a hole and do not stick out at all. The metal around the stone secures them in place. It creates a completely smooth ring surface. It’s optimal for a bride with a boho style.

Tiffany setting

The Tiffany setting was designed by Tiffany and Co. in 1886. This setting is trademarked to their brand, and you can only get it from them. This setting features six high-set prongs that are positioned precisely to raise and show off the diamond. It’s most often combined with a solitaire band to draw all attention to the center stone.

Channel setting

We see this setting in both engagement rings and wedding bands. The channel setting sandwiches a row of stones with a metal band, or channel, on each side. The stones don’t have any other metal between them. It creates a smooth surface and provides protection to the stone.

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