The history of September’s birthstone

The history of September’s birthstone

The history of September’s birthstone

For those lucky enough to be born in September, their birthstone is the sapphire. The sapphire has been cherished and revered for thousands of years and is one of the most sought after gemstones. It is one of the most popular colored gems and makes for a perfect jewelry gift for any occasion. You can’t go wrong with sapphires, especially after learning the gem’s history and significance throughout cultures. 

History of the Sapphire

The classic blue sapphire has been popular since the middle ages. The celestial blue was thought to represent the blue of heaven, and ancient Persians believed that the entire world rested upon a blue sapphire and that’s why the sky was blue. The ancient Greeks and Romans would wear them to derive guidance and as protection from harm. Buddhist’s believed that they would help them to reach spiritual enlightenment, and Hindus would use sapphires during worship

Sapphires have historically represented truth, nobility and faithfulness. They were thought to have healing properties as well! Ground up sapphire was a long popular cure for colic and to strengthen eyesight. Most interesting perhaps is that it was once thought that the Ten Commandments were inscribed on sapphire tablets.

What is Sapphire

Sapphire comes from the mineral corundum, the same as rubies. You can find corundum in every color of the rainbow. Red corundum is designated for rubies, and all other colors are considered to be sapphires. While finding large deposits of corundum is rare, it has been found in a few different countries. Traditionally, most sapphires are mined from Kashmir, Madagascar, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. However, the most prized sapphires that make for perfect jewelry because of their deep and rich blue hue are mined from Myanmar and nicknamed “Burmese” Sapphires. 

Famous Sapphire jewelry 

Sapphires have always been prized, and that can be seen in some of the most famous pieces of jewelry. Napoleon proposed to Josephine with a sapphire ring, and Prince Charles followed suit with his blue sapphire ring that he used to propose to Princess Diana that has now been passed on to Kate Middleton. The Royal jewels contain many perfect jewelry pieces with sapphires like the Stuart Sapphire. Another famous blue sapphire jewelry piece is the Star of Bombay, and even if people haven’t heard of it, they have heard of the gin that was named after it. 

Sapphire Care 

The sapphire is a relatively hard stone, ranking a nine on the MOH scale. They are second in hardness only to diamonds, and are the perfect jewelry options for everyday wear. Warm and soapy water is always a good option for cleaning your sapphire jewelry, with ultrasonic cleaners and steamers also being safe for heat treated gems. Always ask the jeweler how your sapphire was treated to know the appropriate cleaning and care techniques that are approved. 

14 Karat

If you know someone who was born in September, or are looking to celebrate a fifth or 45th year anniversary, a new piece of sapphire jewelry would be perfect! We can help you to find a stunning sapphire ring or necklace from our beautiful collection, or help you to create your own custom piece. Come and visit us at the Shops of Legacy, 168th and West Center Roads.