The history of the diamond as an engagement ring

The history of the diamond as an engagement ring

The history of the diamond as an engagement ring

Have you ever wondered how the giving of engagement rings began? Or why the diamond is the favored stone for engagement rings? The history might surprise you. Engagement rings were not always about professing your forever love and asking someone to get married.

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History of engagement rings

As romantic and stunning as engagement rings are today, they actually originated in Ancient Rome and were a sign of ownership. Women in Ancient Rome wore wedding rings to signify their mutual love and obedience to their husbands. The rings back then were made out of copper, iron, flint, bone and ivory; it was a less expensive metal and a less romantic meaning.

Engagement rings began to symbolize an intent to marry in the year 850. Gold and silver were very popular metals of choice at this time as they showcased a financial sacrifice and commitment to the one you wanted to marry. It wasn’t until 1840 that the idea of an engagement ring came to the United States, and even still engagement rings were uncommon until the 1930s.

Why a diamond?

It can be shocking to think that engagement rings did not always have diamonds, especially as there are so many different diamond cuts specifically made for engagement rings. The first time a diamond appeared on an engagement ring was in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian proposed to Mary of Burgundy. Diamond engagement rings didn’t really become popular in the United States until 1940, which was also the same year double engagement rings appeared, in which the groom was to have a ring as well.

Nearly a century before, in 1867, diamonds were discovered in Cape Colony in South Africa. That discovery dramatically increased the world’s diamond supply. More and more engagement rings began to include diamonds. De Beers launched an advertising campaign in 1947 that featured Hollywood actresses to help sell people on the idea of diamond engagement rings; the campaign slogan was, “A diamond is forever.”

Diamond engagement rings do have a very daring history, but regardless of how popular diamond rings are, people now are opting to choose colored diamonds or even a different gemstone as the centerpiece for their engagement ring. Sapphire engagement rings increased in popularity when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. J. Lo’s ring featured an emerald stone, Katy Perry’s had a ruby and Ariana Grande’s a pearl.

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