The most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings

The most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings

The most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings

The cut of the center stone of an engagement ring can make all the difference. Each cut will reflect light in a different way and affect the overall appearance of the ring. While sometimes people will think they already have a favorite diamond cut in mind, they haven’t seen all their options. 

Of all diamond cuts and shapes, these are the most popular! 

1. Round cut diamonds 

By far the most traditional and popular center stone, round cut diamonds pack a punch when it comes to their sparkle effect. They are a true classic, never really going out of style and creating a timeless look. Approximately 60 percent of all engagement rings made are created using a round cut center stone to keep up with popular demand. 

2. Princess cut diamonds

Following close behind, princess cut diamonds are the most popular non-round shape! They are the newcomers of the group, only becoming popular in the twentieth century, but quickly raised in the ranks. One big advantage of princess cut diamonds is that they use a larger portion of the original rough diamond than round cuts, meaning they are a more cost-effective choice. However, this shape works best for people who do not excessively work with their hands as the corners can easily snag on things. 

3. Cushion cut diamonds

Comparable to the princess cut, what sets the cushion cut apart is its rounded edges. This cut was most popular in the 19th century, although back then it was called a mine cut. They project an older vintage vibe, but look great with any modern setting as well! It holds a stunning 58 facets that make it sparkle brilliantly and create a built-in romantic factor for any ring. 

4. Emerald cut diamonds

Of all the diamond cuts and shapes, the emerald cut diamond is probably the most unique. Most of the popular diamond cuts are brilliant cuts, but emeralds are step-cut. This step-cut creates a hall-of-mirrors effect that is beautiful and unique! This cut has a long history dating back to the 1500s where it was used for all different gemstones. Due to its elongated shape, this cut is perfect for any wearer looking to make their fingers appear slimmer. 

5. Oval cut 

Oval cuts became more popular during the Victorian era and have in more recent years taken center stage once again. Oval cuts offer a similar brilliance to that of a round cut. With its oblong shape, it creates the illusion of a longer finger all while offering other elegant and sparkling features. Another plus to this cut is its greater surface area when compared to a round stone of the same carat size. 

6. Pear cut diamonds

Thanks to many celebrities rocking this cut, pear cut diamonds have quickly become one of the most popular shapes for engagement rings. They have excellent symmetry and can hide imperfections better than other diamond cuts. Plus, there is no denying that it is a gorgeous cut! 

7. Marquise cut diamond 

The regal feel of the marquise and its pointed ends make this cut truly striking and unique. Marquise cuts have one of the largest surface areas of all diamond cuts and shapes and allude to a greater size. It’s important to note that a marquise diamond should be cut well to avoid the bowtie appearance that can form at the center of the diamond. 

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