Diamond Spotlight: Emerald Cut Diamonds

Diamond Spotlight: Emerald Cut Diamonds

Diamond Spotlight: Emerald Cut Diamonds

There are so many beautiful diamond cuts and shapes, they all deserve their own praise. Some people may think of a diamond as just a diamond, but different shapes will produce different colors and give off different shines, plus shape affects price too. 

Many people have their preference over all the different diamond cuts and shapes, they have their few favorites that they believe would create their perfect engagement ring. One of our 14 Karat jewelry expert’s favorite cuts is the emerald cut shape! 

The Benefits of Emerald Cut Diamonds

Beautiful: Emerald cut diamonds are a beautiful choice for any piece of jewelry you could want. Like a lot of diamond shapes, an emerald cut diamond should have around 58 faucets to let the light shine through and create a brilliant effect. Emeralds are special in the fact that because they have in rows of steps facets on its crown and pavilion, they present a “hall of mirrors” effect that is absolutely stunning! Plus, it can make a perfect engagement ring because it will make the wearer’s finger look thinner. 

Uniqueness:  Round-cut diamonds are by far the most popular of all diamond cuts and shapes making an emerald cut diamond the perfect choice for a bride who is looking for something more rare! Less than 3.5 percent of all diamond sales globally belonged to emerald-cut diamonds! They also sparkle differently than any other shape with a greater surface area than a round-cut diamond. 

History: Emerald cut diamonds have a long history dating back to the 1500’s when people would cut real emeralds into an emerald shape. It’s a timeless shape that people use for all different types of gems. It really takes a special and quality diamond to pull off an emerald cut. 

Classy: Emerald cut diamonds are an absolute classic shape that can class up any look with sophistication and grace. They emit sparkle and brilliance but with a polished edge. It has the capability of looking like a larger stone without having to possess a lot of carats.  

A Popular shape for Engagement Rings

There are a lot of famous celebrities who have chosen their engagement ring to include an emerald cut diamond! Amal Clooney, Beyonce and Kate Hudson all rock an emerald cut diamond engagement ring. One of the largest emerald cut diamond engagement rings belonged to Elizabeth Taylor from her third husband at an impressive 29.4 carats that she referred to as her “ice skating rink.” Most recently Jennifer Lopez celebrated her engagement to A-Rod with a 15 carat emerald cut engagement ring! 

While emerald cut diamonds look stunning in any type of ring setting, it is most commonly seen in a three stone engagement ring. Although it does look stunning in a solitaire setting as well, letting the beautiful cut and diamond speak for itself. 

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