Updating your heirloom jewelry

Updating your heirloom jewelry

Updating your heirloom jewelry

There is a beautiful sentiment in hanging on to heirloom jewelry, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them exactly as they are. Whether the piece is broken, unwearable or just not in style, you can breathe new life into the piece by taking it to the best jewelry repair shop in Omaha, 14 Karat. We can help you to reset the piece, create a custom design and more! 

Resetting the stone

One particular piece of jewelry that gets passed down from generation to generation is engagement rings. An engagement ring is a very personal piece of jewelry to a couple, and a lot of times, the heirloom ring does not match modern trends and designs. Remounting the diamond in a new ring setting helps to preserve the ring's heritage and honor loved ones, while still creating a ring that she will want to wear every day. When you bring your vintage engagement ring to the best jewelry repair shop to create a new custom piece, the jeweler can help you design a setting that will best frame your particular diamond's shape and size. 

Change the stone entirely 

Sometimes, people really enjoy the style of the older Victorian era jewelry or art deco and want to preserve the original design. They would wear the heirloom piece of jewelry, but the center stone has become cloudy or chipped over time. This is when you could bring the piece to the best jewelry repair shop to have the stone replaced. 

A stone does not have to be broken in order to be replaced either. When repurposing their heirloom jewelry, many people take the opportunity to update the stone. This can mean replacing a cubic zirconia stone with a real diamond, or red quartz with a ruby. This can put a fresh new twist on an older design. 

Create a new piece of jewelry

Most of the time heirloom jewelry won’t get worn because it does not reflect modern day trends. Jewelry is supposed to reflect your sense of style, and that is hard to find from a jewelry piece that was made in 1920. However, just because you don’t like the style doesn’t mean you don’t like the stone that is in it. You can take the stone out and reset it in a trendy piece of jewelry that will be customized to your tastes and preferences. This rejuvenates your jewelry without losing the sentimental value behind it! This is when you can change the type of jewelry piece that it is too! Turn your heirloom pendant into a new cocktail ring or a passed down bracelet into a stunning new pair of earrings. Transform your heirloom pieces into the type of jewelry you want to wear. 

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