Valentine’s Day: The history and perfect last minute gifts!

Valentine’s Day: The history and perfect last minute gifts!

Valentine’s Day: The history and perfect last minute gifts!

Valentine's Day is in two days! The best gifts come from 14 Karat! Get inspired to create a memorable day for your someone special by learning why Valentine's Day is celebrated and some last-minute Valentine’s day jewelry gift ideas. 

The history of Valentine's Day 

Valentine's Day is considered to be one of the most romantic days of the year! This holiday is celebrated all over the world. People exchange chocolate, flowers and roses with their loved ones. But who is St. Valentine? 

One famous story is when the Roman Emperor banned marriage because married men were thought to be bad soldiers. There was a priest by the name of St. Valentine who would marry couples in secret. 

The Roman Emperor ended up finding out and sentenced him to death. While he was in jail, he ended up falling in love with the daughter of a jailer. He was executed on Feb. 14. Before receiving his sentence, he left a love letter for the daughter of the jailer. He signed it, “from your Valentine". Thus, inspiring others to express their love to others on St. Valentine's Day! 

Jewelry makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift

If you are looking to express your feelings to someone you love, choose jewelry. It is something they can wear every day and treasure for many years. 

A stackable diamond band

Stack your love with a diamond band. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors and price points. And they can complement their existing engagement or wedding ring. There is no wrong way to stack, and the more the merrier. 

Arm candy -  bracelets 

Another great Valentine’s day jewelry gift idea is a bracelet. Buy one or two, these bracelets are easy to style and pair with other bracelets and watches. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and you can find something that matches your partner's style.

A necklace

This is a gift that can be worn every day. And it will be close to her heart. 14 Karat has a wide variety of necklace styles. From every day to special occasion. 

Make this Valentine's Day a memorable one with a thoughtful gift from 14 Karat. Our jewelry experts can help you find the perfect Valentine's Day jewelry gift. Visit us at The Shops of Legacy, 16950 Wright Plaza or check out our website