What color gold is right for you

What color gold is right for you

What color gold is right for you

While your diamond is the focal point of your engagement ring, you do not want to overlook the importance of what color metal you choose for your ring! People underestimate the role the color metal can play in the final product of your ring, or really any type of jewelry that you wear. 

When choosing between 14 Karat rose gold jewelry, white gold or yellow gold there is no “bad choice.” However, the different metals come with distinctly separate styles, cost and wearability. Knowing the difference between them all can help you when you purchase your next jewelry piece!

14 Karat gold jewelry

14 Karat gold is actually a mixture of gold and other metals alloys like zinc, copper and nickel that make it harder. This is because gold as a natural occurring element is actually very soft and malleable. 14 Karat gold ends up being around 58 percent pure gold, and 42 percent other metals, and this makes for the perfect balance, color and wear for jewelry! Many people prefer yellow gold jewelry because it gives off a regal appearance reminiscent of the gold jewelry that kings and queens have been wearing for centuries. 

Yellow gold jewelry usually looks best on people with warmer undertones in their skin. This means that your skin can give off a glow, and has yellow or peachy elements that shine through. Fairer skinned individuals with blonde hair can usually also rock a yellow gold. However, anyone who wants to wear yellow gold jewelry should!

14 Karat white gold jewelry

14 Karat white gold is also a mixture of metals, but it does not use copper like yellow gold. It is a mixture of pure gold, silver and nickel. Plus a lot of jewelers will put a coating of rhodium around white gold so that it keeps its illustrious shine. Its mixture of metals makes it more durable and resistant to scratching than its yellow gold counterpart. However, white gold may have to be taken into the jewelers every couple of years to replace or refresh its rhodium layer. Those with fairer skin and rosy undertones should try white gold for their jewelry pieces as it can help skin look dewy and glow instead of pasty. 

14 Karat rose gold jewelry

14 Karat rose gold refers to pink or rose, shades of gold and is made by mixing gold and copper together. The more copper that is present the more red the gold appears. “Pure” rose gold does not exist as it is always a mixture of those two metals. However, because of its high copper content, rose gold tends to be a less expensive option and the toughest and most wearable of the three gold types. If you are looking for jewelry that is for everyday wear, then rose gold might be the metal choice for you! Plus, 14 Karat rose gold jewelry tends to be the most romantic hue of the gold line, and compliments everyone’s skin tone. 

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