What to do after you get engaged?

What to do after you get engaged?

What to do after you get engaged?

You’re ENGAGED, congratulations! You probably have a million thoughts racing through your head. Like, who should I call first? Where do I start with planning? What’s my budget? Who should we invite? There are no strict rules on what to do first. Relax and enjoy this special time with your partner. Here is what to do after getting engaged. 

Share it 

First, call your parents! Then the rest of your family and close friends! Take a close-up shot of that beautiful engagement ring! And share it with the world! Post it on social media, email and text it to everyone you know! Shout it from the rooftops!

Get your ring sized

Once you’ve made your engagement announcement, double-check to see if your ring fits correctly. Does it feel like it might fall off with any hand movement? Or does it not squeeze past your first knuckle? Your engagement ring should feel snug but comfortable. There should be no trouble putting it on or taking it off. The experts at 14 Karat can ensure your ring fits your finger perfectly.

Get your ring insured

Do not forget to get insurance for your engagement ring. This is at the top of the list of what to do after getting engaged.  Your fiance took lots of time researching your ring.  It has a lot of sentimental value. The last thing either of you want is for something to happen to it. Plan for the unexpected and save yourself headaches. 14 Karat can advise you on your best insurance options. The coverage is affordable, and it will give you peace of mind. 

Research wedding venues & pick a date

Now comes the fun part, determine a venue and pick a date. A lot of times these two items go hand in hand. Your date can depend on your venue’s availability.  What kind of wedding do you want? Classic and traditional? Artsy and unique? Light and Beachy? Determine the style of wedding you and your partner would like. 

Take time to plan out your venue budget and how many guests you are planning to invite. Decide on what season you want to get married. June and July are the most popular months to tie the knot, but a winter wedding is also incredibly romantic.

This is just the beginning of your wedding planning. Enjoy the process. And when it comes time to pick out your wedding bands, about two to three months before your wedding date, the experts at 14 Karat can help you find the perfect band to compliment your engagement ring. Visit us at The Shops of Legacy, 16950 Wright Plaza or check out our inventory online.