2022/2023 NYE jewelry style guide

2022/2023 NYE jewelry style guide

2022/2023 NYE jewelry style guide

Whether you’re spending New Year’s Eve out on the town, traveling to a big city or having a small dinner party with your closest friends, you’re probably nailing down your outfit and accessories. You want to dress for the weather, but also include some of your favorite jewelry pieces to top off your fit!

Your outfit should accentuate your personality and style, and your jewelry should be the perfect addition. Your private jewelers Omaha experts wanted to give you some ideas to help you style your jewelry for the new year! We’re basing our ideas off the 2022 winter jewelry trends, as well as some influencer advice.

You've already got the perfect fit

If you’ve already chosen what you’re going to wear, you can style your jewelry accordingly. Sequins are always in for New Year’s Eve, so consider pairing a pendant necklace and some simple bracelets with your sequin dress or top. The classic little black dress can be accentuated with gold pieces to really make the glam aspect pop. Satin is a go-to choice for New Year’s events, try layering necklaces and adding simple rings.

We love wearing rings to New Year’s Eve parties, as you’ll likely be holding a glass of champagne and a plate with some hors d’oeuvres. Everyone will be looking at the gorgeous accessories on your hands. If you don’t know where to start, rings are always a good idea. From there you can begin to match a necklace or bracelet with the rest of your look.

You’re starting from scratch

If you want to base your look on what jewelry trends are in, here’s what we’re looking at: dangle earrings, diamond necklaces, cuff bracelets and cocktail rings. Dangle earrings can add the perfect sparkle to your look as the shimmering stones and long, sleek designs capture the glitz of this holiday; consider wearing your hair up so they can truly shine.

Diamond necklaces stand out on their own; you can choose from a variety of different lengths and even go for a layered necklace look. Cuff bracelets can be paired with necklaces to complete your look; a gold or silver cuff will both maintain the glamor aspect of your look and be a sleek finish. Cocktail rings are perfect for parties; you can choose a simple gold or silver metal or go with a stunning gemstone to capture your personality in your look.

Shop with your private jewelers Omaha experts

If your jewelry collection still needs the perfect addition for this New Year, stop in our store! Our private jewelers Omaha experts are more than happy to discuss what your plans are for the holiday and help you find the perfect piece to accentuate your plans. We are located on Wright Plaza in the Shops of Legacy in West Omaha. Come find exactly what you’re looking for!