Winter jewelry trends

Winter jewelry trends

Winter jewelry trends

Who doesn’t want fine jewelry as a holiday gift? If you’re wondering what to ask for this holiday season, or if trying to figure out what to get your significant other or friend, consider these winter jewelry trends! Jewelry, when taken care of, lasts longer than many other gifts you could choose.

This winter, we’re seeing floral motifs, heart shapes and pearl details. Whether a pendant necklace, drop earrings or statement ring, you’re sure to find something in-style. We’re also seeing silver and mixed metals make a comeback. Colorful enamel pieces are also making an appearance, which is an effortless way to add color to your look.

Birthstones and zodiac jewelry are surging as well. Sometimes, wearing one statement earring may be enough and considering an abstract shape could upgrade your fit. Your custom jewelry Omaha experts are here to give a bit of detail about each!

Floral motifs

Flower power! Although flowers aren’t blooming outside, they can find their place in our jewelry. We’re beginning to see flower motifs increasing in popularity all year round. Who says flowers can’t withstand the cold?

Heart shapes

Geometry will always play a role in our jewelry. Although we’re seeing lots of abstract shapes, the symbolic heart is here to stay. The heart is also a perfect shape to get as a gift for someone you love.

Pearl details

It’s a pearl party! Rings, bracelets and necklaces with pearls are stopping the show. It’s not the pearl jewelry you saw your mother and grandmother wearing, this winter it’s all about making bold statements.


Silver is great for gifting because it’s reasonably priced. Silver in abstract shapes is sure to make people stop and look, and maybe even ask, “Where did you get that gorgeous piece!?” It makes sense that silver is a winter color, the chilly wintry mix goes perfectly with silver. Silver appeals more strongly to a younger audience, but looks good on everybody!

Colorful enamel

Bold enamel colors are seen frequently in earrings, and a rainbow of gemstones can be seen in bracelets and necklaces. In the past, we’ve noticed that trends tend to go back to neutral colors, but this year we’ve got the full okay to sway toward color.

Birthstones and zodiac signs

For those born in the winter months, a birthstone or zodiac sign gemstone is a great gift for them. Wearing your birthstone or a piece of jewelry with your zodiac sign on it is a classic move that will be a good look this winter. Find out what your birthstone is!

Visit your custom jewelry Omaha experts

We’re just as excited about these winter trends as you are! No matter what type of gift you’re looking for this holiday season, your custom jewelry Omaha experts are here to help. Stop in our store located on Wright Plaza in the Shops of Legacy in west Omaha today!