How to properly store your fine jewelry

How to properly store your fine jewelry

How to properly store your fine jewelry

Whether you’re putting your jewelry away after the workday or a night out on the town, proper storage is necessary. Many pieces of your jewelry collection likely hold sentimental value. You want to keep your fine jewelry in good condition so it can keep complimenting your outfit and personality.

The way you should store your jewelry depends on the metal it’s made out of, as well as the gemstones involved. To ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime and keeps its beauty, it should always be put away correctly when you’re done wearing it. As your private jewelers Omaha, we want to give you the right way to store your jewelry.

General tips on storing jewelry

You should always store your jewelry where it is safe and secure. Fine jewelry can sometimes cost quite a bit at times, and it should be kept where it is out of harm's way. It should also be somewhere that’s easily accessible to you, especially if you have pieces you wear frequently. Heat and humidity can damage precious metals and stones, so you should keep your jewelry somewhere cool and dry.

A few popular ways people will store their jewelry are: in a shallow drawer; in a jewelry box; atop a vanity or hanging on the wall. The choice is up to you. You can always keep your jewelry in the box it came in, as the box is specifically made for that piece. However, that method can lead to clutter when you have a lot of jewelry stored in a large collection of boxes, so choosing one of the above options and keeping your finest jewelry in its box may work best.

Separate your jewelry by the metal

Gold and platinum jewelry can be easily scratched by gems from other jewelry, so it’s best to keep them away from the rest. This goes for yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. It is less common for platinum jewelry to become scratched, but it should be handled with the same care as gold jewelry.

Silver jewelry can tarnish easily. Perfumes and hair sprays can even contribute to their tarnishing, so keep it stored away and put it on last after you’re done getting ready. Many jewelry boxes come with an anti-tarnish cloth, ideal for storing silver.

Diamonds are extremely hard. It’s not the other jewelry that’s going to harm a diamond, but the diamond jewelry that can harm the other pieces in your collection. Diamond jewelry should be stored by itself, or in a separate compartment. Pearls should be specially cared for in a soft-lined jewelry box, and keep them away from air-tight spaces as they have traces of water in them and this can make them brittle and damage the luster.

Storing jewelry by style

Bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings are different types of jewelry, so it only makes sense to store them separately. If possible, store bracelets in their original boxes. Or, if you want them visible, consider placing them in a bowl; or on a bar or rod with a soft cushioning, either on a flat surface or hanging on the wall.

Necklaces should be stored where they cannot tangle. Silver and gold chains should be stored separately as they’re the most easily tangled. A jewelry tree or pegs on a wall offer alternative ideas from keeping them in their original boxes.

Rings can also be kept in their original boxes, however, many jewelry boxes come with specific spots for rings where they can be stored separately. Ring bowls and cones are popular storage options, but be aware that these options make them more susceptible to scratches.

The  original boxes also work well for earrings, as they come with slots to easily place the jewelry in. Jewelry boxes, a bowl or a board with holes to place them into can also work. Stud earrings can easily be stored with each other, as they’re unable to get tangled; you’ll just want to be aware of the metals. Chandelier earrings and other earrings should be hung or stored with space between them to avoid tangling.

Don’t hesitate to ask your private jewelers Omaha

If you have any questions about how to properly store your jewelry, don’t be afraid to ask your private jewelers Omaha. We are more than happy to answer any questions to ensure your fine jewelry is stored as best as it can be. Contact us today or stop in our store at Wright Plaza in the Shops of Legacy in Omaha, Nebraska!