How to choose the right necklace length

How to choose the right necklace length

How to choose the right necklace length

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while jewelry shopping is guessing on size, with necklaces no exception. While you may be tempted to eyeball it, it is important to measure your neck in inches and familiarize yourself with the different lengths and fits available. When shopping for a necklace, you should choose the length that best fits not only your neck, but your look. Because, while a long rope necklace may be elegant for evening wear, it may clash with your casual, everyday ensemble. 

Our jewelers in Omaha are sharing the six different necklace lengths, how they fit the average person and how they can be best worn to help you find the perfect one while shopping.


The collar length necklace measures at 14 inches, to fit tightly around the average neck. This fit pairs best with open-neck clothing like scoop necks or v-necks. A collar length may be ill-fitting for someone with a wider neck. A general rule for tight necklaces is to take your neck size and add two inches for comfortability. 


The choker is just slightly looser than the collar, measuring at 16 inches. It fits tight around the average neck, but with slightly more breathing room than the choker. However, it is similarly best worn with lower necklines. The last thing you want is a higher neckline like a turtle neck hiding your jewelry! 


The princess length necklace is the accepted standard for necklace length - not too short or too long on the average person. It is 18 inches in length, sitting comfortably on the collarbone. Our jewelers in Omaha recommended it for its versatility, as it pairs well with just about any look, for any occasion.


The matinee length necklace is 20 to 24 inches long. It lies between the collarbone and bust. On larger necks, the matinee may sit higher on the collarbone like a princess length necklace. Like the princess length, it is also very versatile. It is perfect for both business and casualwear for an effortless transition from your daytime to your nighttime look. 


The opera length refers to necklaces between 28 and 36 inches long. The longer necklaces sit on the bust or slightly below. This fit pair particularly well with a high neckline. It is a more elegant style most appropriate for formal events or evening wear. Depending on your neck size, you may be able to wrap it twice so it looks like two short-length necklaces.


The rope or lariat necklace is 36 to 42 inches in length. This style is generally intended to be wrapped around at least once as it will otherwise be too long, especially on those shorter in height. When wrapped it sits just below the center of the bust. In addition to the opera length, it is best worn with elegant business and evening attire.

Looking for a necklace that best fits your neck, and your attire? Our jewelers in Omaha can help! We carry a variety of necklaces in all different lengths and styles, from collars to ropes. We can take your measurements and let you try on any piece to ensure it’s the perfect size and fit for your look and occasion. Contact or visit us today to start necklace shopping!