Five mistakes to avoid when jewelry shopping

Five mistakes to avoid when jewelry shopping

Five mistakes to avoid when jewelry shopping

Shopping for jewelry is a fun and indulgent experience, but only if you do it the right way! You must be sure your new jewelry will get its wear and stand the test of time. Is there really a wrong way to shop for jewelry? The short answer is yes. Our Omaha jewelers break down the common mistakes people make when jewelry shopping.

1. Not doing your research

Knowledge is power when it comes to jewelry shopping. Do your research in advance on Omaha jewelers to see which one will best meet your needs. Check reviews to ensure that your chosen retailer is reputable and trustworthy, and review their vendors and selection online, if available.

As for the jewelry itself, consider what you’re looking for prior to visiting the store. For instance, do you want gold or silver? A necklace or earrings? If you have sensitive skin, do your due diligence to see which material won’t irritate it. Even the slightest idea of what you want will help you avoid impulse buying.

2. Failure to budget

This step is critical. Your budget can act as a guide for your entire shopping experience. Determine what you expect to spend based on what you’re looking for and your retailer’s pricing, and leave a little wiggle room to treat yourself if you need to! Either way, the goal is to get jewelry you love without buyer’s remorse.

3. Guessing on size

Don’t leave sizing up to chance! You might be tempted to buy whatever looks like it will fit, but looks can be deceiving. When shopping for rings, or even necklaces or bracelets, it’s critical that you get measurements done and purchase pieces that you are 100 percent certain are going to fit you. 

4. Not asking for help

Your Omaha jewelers are there to help you find the perfect jewelry pieces for you. Don’t shy away from asking questions. Ask for measurements, ask for advice, ask to see things up close and to feel and hold them prior to purchasing - ask away! After all, fine jewelry can be quite the investment. You don’t want to risk buying something you won’t wear.

5. Buying something you’re not in love with

It goes without saying, but don’t rush into purchasing jewelry that doesn’t fit your unique taste and style. Finding earrings is easy, but finding your perfect everyday earrings might take time. Be patient and remember that if you don’t find something you love there is no obligation to walk out with something! 


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