2023 summer jewelry trends

2023 summer jewelry trends

2023 summer jewelry trends

When it gets hot out, the heat also turns up on summer jewelry trends. This summer is about sporting big, bright and bold looks. We’re seeing a lot of unique shapes and colors. Chains are still here, and pinky rings are new. Below your private jewelers Omaha give you summer 2023’s hottest jewelry trends!


Beaded jewelry is in this summer. You can thank Millennials and Gen Z for bringing it back. Beads are a fun way to elevate any summer look, and you can wear them as bracelets, necklaces, anklets and even rings. Consider personalizing them and adding a pop of color.

Unusual cuts and shapes

Unusual cuts for diamonds and other gemstones are another popular trend. Unique shapes and lots of colors can be crafted together to complete your look. It’s all about the opposite of boring.

Mixed metals

A trend we’ve seen before is here to stay. Mixing yellow gold and white gold, or platinum and silver, can enhance any vibe. If you like both yellow and silver jewelry metals, you can finally choose to wear both without any judgment.

Chunky rings

Chunky rings make bold statements, and if you have an outgoing and bubbly personality, you can incorporate more of that into your jewelry. We’re zoning in on chunky gems and bright colors.


Chains can be worn thick or thin. Mixing different chain widths and lengths creates a multidimensional look. You can also add charms to chain jewelry, combining yet another summer trend.

Pinky rings

Pinky rings are the new coolest accessory to have. If you’re looking to make a statement this summer, invest in a versatile pinky ring that matches your personality and wear it with every fit.


We’re also being bold this summer. Summer jewelry should scream “fun” and maximalist looks do just that! Consider wearing a bold gemstone like the opal, bright green drop earrings or a butterfly ring.

Hoop earrings

We’ve seen them before, and we’re seeing them again. Hoop earrings are timeless. Bigger hoops are better this summer.


Bright gemstones sparkle in the sunshine. Choose turquoise, pinks, bright whites and blues. If you’re not big on color, start small and build up from there. After all, summer is the perfect time to introduce more color into your looks.

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