Spring 2023 jewelry trends

Spring 2023 jewelry trends

Spring 2023 jewelry trends

Bye, bye winter, hello spring! Bigger is better this spring. The weather is getting warmer, and our looks are getting brighter. For this spring’s jewelry trends, we’ve seen larger-than-life arm cuffs, baubles and pearls. We’re also seeing long, statement earrings, thick chains and string things. As your custom jewelry Omaha store, we wanted to give you a description of these six trends for spring 2023!

Arm cuffs

This season, arm cuffs aren’t just for our wrists; we’re wearing them on our upper arms, too. Get excited to switch from sweaters to short sleeves and arm cuffs. There are simple and elegant styles, but also fantasmal looks. No matter your sense of style, there’s an arm cuff to match! It’s also in-style to mix your metals; try mixing a large silver cuff with a smaller, dainty gold cuff.

Dangling earrings

Earrings are doing all the talking this spring! Chandelier earrings are back, and we’re seeing an abundance of uniquely styled drops. Put your hair back, and adorn your shoulders with these shoulder-skimming long drops. From artistic gems with a raindrop effect to simple drops with a motif at the bottom, there’s a pair for everyone. Dress up with minimal effort and let your earrings do the work.

Chunky baubles & jumbo pearls

We’re seeing lots of chunky baubles in earrings, bracelets and rings. They make a bold statement and create a playful look. If you love pearls, they’re still in style. Let’s be real, pearls are always in style. Try wearing jumbo pearls in your jewelry to enhance your look. If you have a bold personality, this trend is perfect for you!

Thick chains

Large chains are making statements this spring, especially when worn as a necklace. Whether you prefer gold or silver, thick chains can create a grunge aesthetic that many love. Dainty jewelry has its place, but not this year. One thick chain can be effortlessly added to your look, but it will make all the difference.


Blooms are expected for the spring season. Colors and whimsical floral designs are completing all of our outfits this spring. We’re also seeing lots of roses on necklaces. Whether you’re going for a grunge look or want to add a bit more color to your style, florals and rose jewelry will help you achieve the look you’re going for.

String things

Crafty jewelry with a luxurious look are turning heads this season. Think summer camp chic and DIY bracelets, but with an elegant finish. From boho hoops to beaded necklaces and slider bracelets, there are so many ways to incorporate string things into your look. Trinkets, motifs and pendants hanging off a string around your neck are more elegant than you may think.

Visit your custom jewelry Omaha experts

You’re sure to create a look you love this spring with these jewelry trends. Whether you’re grabbing a drink with a group of friends, attending a concert or going on a date night, one of these six trends is sure to make you stand out, in the best way. Contact your custom jewelry Omaha experts today or stop in our store to shop our looks.