A guide to choosing colored jewelry

A guide to choosing colored jewelry

A guide to choosing colored jewelry

Most people like to wear neutral-colored jewelry, as it matches everything all the time. Some of us wear the same earrings every day, and others switch them up frequently to match their outfit or the occasion. It can be fun to incorporate your favorite color into your jewelry and your look. Consider wearing your birthstone or another pretty gemstone to add a pop of color.

Some might say that yellow and rose gold are  enough of a color for them, and that’s okay. The clear, shimmery diamond or opaque, shiny pearl has  its  place in every occasion. However, if you need help deciding on which color jewelry to wear and when, your custom jewelry Omaha experts are here to guide you through it.

Including your favorite color in your jewelry

The rule of thumb here is if you like it, go for it. It’s not too difficult to include your favorite color in your look. Almost everyone has a favorite color, and gemstones come in an abundance of colors. You can even choose to wear your birthstone to give your look a unique feel. Don’t be afraid to create a trend of your own.

If your favorite color is blue, consider wearing the blue topaz or aquamarine gemstone with silver and gold jewelry

If you love the color pink, think about choosing the pink tourmaline or pink fluorite gemstone and pairing it with white or yellow gold.

If the color red stands out to you, wearing a garnet or ruby with silver and gold jewelry can create a classy look.

If green is the color that catches your eye, a peridot or jade gemstone looks best with white and yellow gold, as well as silver jewelry.

If you want to include purple in your jewelry, an amethyst or purple jasper gemstone paired with gold or silver jewelry can enhance your look.

When it comes to choosing colored jewelry to match your outfit

Once you have the perfect outfit, you need the perfect accessory. If you wear a lot of black, white, gray or nude, you won’t have to worry about matching your jewelry to your outfit. If you wear more colors, you can choose a complementary color that matches your clothing. You can finish any outfit by accessorizing it with jewelry.

If you more frequently wear denim and white tops, you can wear simple necklaces with a small colored stone and thin yellow or white gold chains. Gold and silver hoop earrings and diamond studs go well with classy looks. If you love statement jewelry more than you love clothes, you can pair it with a simple one-color piece of clothing.

Picking the perfect colored jewelry catered to the occasion

Whether you’re going to work, attending a date, or vacationing away, there is jewelry for every occasion. You might work at a casual or formal workplace, so the key here is to match your jewelry to what you already wear. If you wear black graphic t-shirts to work, consider adding gold hoop earrings and stacking gold rings with bits of colored stones in them. If you go to work wearing pencil skirts and blazers, diamond studs and a simple silver or gold bracelet are all you need.

For date night, try layering necklaces and adding matching rings for an elegant look. Diamond earrings and silver or gold bracelets with a little black dress are sure to impress. When vacationing in the Bahamas, you might wanna wear turquoise to match the colors of the ocean. If you’re going abroad, you can look into what color and jewelry trends people in that country are wearing.

Come see your custom jewelry Omaha experts!

Your custom jewelry Omaha professionals want you to feel confident in making bold color choices. The bottom line to choosing colored jewelry is to know you can choose any color you like and make it work. If you’re looking to add to your jewelry collection, come visit us, and we can help you find something beautiful!