Diamond spotlight: heart cut

Diamond spotlight: heart cut

Diamond spotlight: heart cut

The heart cut is a uniquely shaped diamond that begins with a pear cut and is further shaped into a heart by cutting the cleft and rounding out the sides. It consists of five different parts including the cleft, lobe, belly, wing and point, and it typically has 56 to 58 facets. The point has a French tip to magnify the brilliance.

More often than not you will see this cut in a solitaire setting to accentuate the shape. The heart cut diamond symbolizes love and is a great way to show someone how much you adore them. Because of the rarity of this shape, the heart cut tends to rise and fall in popularity quite often. If you’re looking for something different to make your engagement ring unique, consider choosing a heart cut diamond. Your custom jewelry Omaha experts wanted to highlight the aspects of this unconventional shape. Here’s what you need to know!


The heart cut diamond is not a new shape, and it dates as far back as the 15th century. In 1463, the cut was referenced in a correspondence between Galeazzo Maria Sforza, the Duke of Milan, and his confidant, Nicodemo. This shape was then sought after by many royals, as only the wealthiest could afford such a luxurious diamond.

Years later in 1562, Mary Queen of Scots sent Queen Elizabeth I of England a heart-shaped diamond ring. At this time, the heart cut symbolized friendship and loyalty between royalty. Later on, it became familiarized with love, romance and admiration.


It’s important to consider the four Cs of diamonds when referring to this cut. Symmetry plays the most important role. Hearts don’t get cut grades, so you will need to decide for yourself if it’s sufficient. The cleft and point should be well defined, and the lobes and wings should be well shaped and not too pointy or round.

The best carat for a heart cut is 0.5 carats or larger as that tends to look best; it needs to be big enough to visually see the heart shape. Most engagement rings feature 1 carat diamonds. The heart shape does hide inclusions well and is also good at holding color. Keep these things in mind when choosing a setting for the heart cut diamond.


Heart cut diamonds can be hard to make, so it’s necessary to find a good diamond cutter. Once you’ve found the perfect size and symmetrical heart cut diamond, your custom jewelry Omaha experts suggest a solitaire setting as it will display the shape best. The right engagement ring setting will enhance your diamond, as well as keep it safe.

Most heart cut diamonds are held on with four or six prongs; four prongs allow more light to reach your stone, whereas six prongs offer more protection. Multi-stone settings can make it difficult to see the shape but are stunning when viewed up close. It really comes down to your own personal preference.

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Whether you’re shopping for a heart cut diamond engagement ring or pendant, these diamonds are a beautiful accent to any jewelry collection. A heart cut diamond on an engagement ring is indeed romantic and showcases your love. Your custom jewelry Omaha experts are here to help you find the perfect piece. Come stop by our store or contact us today!