Engagement Rings for the 2020 Bride

Engagement Rings for the 2020 Bride

Engagement Rings for the 2020 Bride

It’s the time of year when you see engagement photos and ring selfies popping up all over your Instagram. Yes that’s right, its engagement season! That means the latest and greatest engagement ring trends are upon us. While you want to make sure that your engagement ring is timeless, some of these trends are just too beautiful to say no to. 

Here are some of the trends that our engagement rings Omaha experts at 14 Karat are seeing for the 2020 bride: 

Multiple Stones

There are a lot of engagement ring styles that feature a multitude of stones, and 2020 brides love them all! One trend includes the ever popular three stone engagement rings. These rings are rich in symbolism as the three stones represent your past, future and present. Other examples of this trend  include the double diamond engagement ring, and of course,everything halo!

There are many different styles of halo engagement rings.  A single halo ring is a setting that will encircle your center stone in a string of diamonds.  Halos are a popular style as it can make your center stone look bigger. A double halo ring is just like the single halo, but with two strands! Our engagement rings Omaha experts have also seen a rise in hidden halo engagement rings. This is when looking at your ring head on, it looks like a solitaire setting, but when viewed from the side you can see a hidden halo of sparkle wrapped around the ring. 

Dramatic Shape

Another 2020 trend is drama! Brides want a ring that they can show off and people will say, “Wow!” One way to do this is to pick a more unusual shaped diamond that not everyone has. The pear diamond is perfect for the 2020 bride looking for an unusual and dramatic shape. Other diamond shapes brides may want to consider are an oval, radiant or asscher shaped diamond. All unique and beautiful options. 


Sustainability and open and honest business transactions are a big factor for 2020 brides. Transparency is very important for younger millennials who are getting married. They want to be able to shop where their own personal values are being met. 

Colorful stones

We have celebrities like Blake Lively, Katy Perry and Kate Middleton to thank for this trend! They are all rocking a less traditional colored stone on their engagement rings. While a diamond engagement ring is still the most popular choice, more and more people are opting to put a little color in their ring. Right now the 2020 trend is seeing emeralds come into play. Brides are able to embrace this trend as much or as little as they would like. You can make your center stone a colorful gemstone, or just have little ones surround your diamond, it is completely up to you! 

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