Good jewlery gifts for those you love

Good jewlery gifts for those you love

Good jewlery gifts for those you love

It’s coming down to the last week of holiday shopping. If you’re still trying to figure out what to get those you love, think about a piece of jewelry. Jewelry is a great gift for every woman in your life. Below, your custom jewelry Omaha experts go over what jewelry is the best gift for your significant other, friends or family!


Jewelry is a thoughtful gift, even for your best friend. A necklace, bracelet or earrings are a good idea for friends. Because you’re around your friends all the time, you can probably nail down their sense of style and a piece of jewelry that they’d like. Stick to your budget, and keep theirs in mind too so that you don’t over or under-buy them a gift.

Significant other

What better way to tell the one you love that you truly care about them than with fine jewelry? Pay attention to the quality; your S.O. is going to love the piece you get them and will want to wear it all the time, so be sure it’s good quality and won’t fade or break. Pay attention to the colors they like and the types of metals they wear.

If you're engagement ring shopping, whether together or separately, the holidays are a great time because you’ll get the best deals of the season! If you’ve already chosen the ring, consider getting them earrings or a necklace. If you’re married, consider an anniversary band or another beautiful ring.


It can sometimes be hard to find the perfect gift for your mom because she’s done so much for you and you want to get her something great. You can always opt to take them with you to pick their gift, letting them know your budget and letting them help you choose a piece of jewelry they want. A necklace or earrings she can wear on a night out, or a charm bracelet with some of her favorite things are stellar ideas!


Grandmothers have a unique sense of style, as they’ve lived through many decades of changing trends. Stick to the current trends, but know her sense of style. If they have a piece of heirloom jewelry they’re looking to upgrade, consider customizing and updating it to something new they’d adore this holiday season.


Depending on their age, you can pick a piece of fine jewelry for your daughter. If you have a little one who has shown interest in your jewelry, she would love something of her own. Get her something that will last her a few years, but also something within your budget and reason. Stud earrings or a necklace are good ideas for daughters.

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If you’re still doing your holiday shopping and are looking for the ideal gift for someone important in your life, we can help. Whether it be your best friend, significant other, mother, grandmother, or daughter, your custom jewelry Omaha experts can help you nail down something they’d love. Come ready and know a bit about their style, or even bring them with you. Visit us in the Shops of Legacy in Omaha, NE, today!