Introducing your little one to fine jewelry

Introducing your little one to fine jewelry

Introducing your little one to fine jewelry

As your child’s personality emerges, they may become more interested in your jewelry. Children will often mimic your fashion taste and want to be like you. They may develop a bit of a different taste than yours and it’s important to let that shine through. When your child gets a little older and they learn to take care of and appreciate nicer things; you are able to let them wear less durable clothing and accessories.

Some families have heirloom jewelry that has been passed down, and some celebrate the birth of their child by picking them out a piece of fine jewelry and stashing it away until they’re old enough to appreciate and wear it.. Others wait until their child is old enough and showing an interest in jewelry and then take them to pick out their first piece. Your custom jewelry Omaha experts are here to help whichever option you may choose. Below are some tips on introducing your little one to fine jewelry.

Know where and when to start

Some parents start off right away by piercing their babies’ and toddlers' ears with stud ear piercings. Others pick a special occasion such as their 10th birthday. It’s mostly about personal choice, but you want to make sure you consider safety. Your child needs to be old enough to know jewelry does not go in their mouth. You also want to consider cost. Find jewelers that either have jewelry options for children, or let your child try some of your less expensive pieces as a trial run.

Embrace when your child starts wanting to dress & accessorize themselves. The first piece of jewelry is a milestone for them. They will likely want color and sparkles at a young age, whereas you may prefer they get something timeless. Even if the piece they choose is younger, they’ll still always have this first piece to remember. If you’re worried about your child misplacing it, keep it for them while they’re not wearing it; let them know they can wear it whenever they want and you’re just holding it for safekeeping.

Be a role model for independence and confidence

Your kids watch you when you get ready in the morning or for an evening out. Pay attention to what they gravitate toward, whether it be the pendant necklace you have or the dangling earrings. That way, if you ever want to buy them a piece of jewelry without them being with you, you’ll know what they like. We do recommend taking them with you for their first piece to create that memory.

Every parent wants to give their child a sense of independence to help build their confidence. Give them a guide, but let them break the rules a bit and be who they want. Something as simple as curating their own rules for jewelry does play a role.

Visit your custom jewelry Omaha experts

Your custom jewelry Omaha experts are here to make this special occasion a fun and memorable time for both you and your child. We can help you find something safe and within your price range. If you’re ready to introduce your child to fine jewelry, come visit us!