Guide to choosing an anniversary ring

Guide to choosing an anniversary ring

Guide to choosing an anniversary ring

You’ve heard of engagement rings and wedding bands, but what about anniversary rings? Anniversary rings offer a unique opportunity to celebrate your joyous love with your partner! For many couples, it is a new piece of jewelry that celebrates an important milestone that will stand the test of time. 

If you haven’t heard of an anniversary ring, don’t worry! Our 14 Karat jewelry experts are here to help. 

Anniversary ring definition


An anniversary ring is a ring that is given to a partner to celebrate a special anniversary, usually the 10, 15 or 20-year mark! They are typically a band style ring but can be embellished with diamonds or other precious gems. 

How to wear an anniversary ring

There are a couple of different ways to wear an anniversary ring. The first thing to decide is whether or not this anniversary ring is meant to replace your wedding ring set, worn with it, or is supposed to be a new piece of jewelry. For couples who are no longer in love with their original rings, the anniversary ring can be a great way to upgrade and get a ring that aligns more with their current style. 

Another popular way to wear an anniversary ring is to have it stacked on top of your engagement ring and wedding band to create a three ring design. However, if that looks too cluttered, but you don’t want to completely replace the set either, a lot of women choose to wear their anniversary ring on their ring finger on the opposite hand. There are endless possibilities and it will all depend on what ring style you choose and what is most comfortable for you. 

How to choose an anniversary ring

There are no rules or guidelines to follow when it comes to picking out the perfect anniversary ring. Some couples choose to get an anniversary ring that matches the same style of their wedding band and engagement ring, while others decide to go in a different direction. Our 14 Karat jewelry experts suggest going with a ring style that represents your relationship and what is important to you as a couple. What about this anniversary are you trying to capture? 

Anniversary ring styles

Anniversary rings are traditionally bands, but there are still a lot of different style options to choose from. If you plan to wear your anniversary ring alone, you might prefer to have a bigger statement ring with diamonds surrounding the entire band. If you want to wear it as a stacking ring, then it might be better to get a more simple design with a thinner band. 

The other way you can switch up the style of an anniversary ring and make it more personal is with the types of gems used. While diamonds are always a classic choice, this can also be your opportunity to branch out and go colorful! One more colorful option is to choose an anniversary band and fill it with the birthstones of you and your significant other. 

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