Heirloom versus new engagement ring

Heirloom versus new engagement ring

Heirloom versus new engagement ring

You have two options for engagement rings, an heirloom engagement ring or a brand-new engagement ring. Some love the idea and sentimental value of heirloom rings, but others may lean towards something more modern for various reasons. There are certain ways to go about acquiring an heirloom ring, and it must be done thoughtfully.

Your custom jewelry Omaha experts are here for you either way. If you need work done on an heirloom ring or need help choosing the perfect new ring, we’re ready to get you and your partner exactly what you want. Getting ready to propose is an exciting time in your life, and heirloom jewelry can make it even more special. Here’s how to go about heirloom engagement rings, as well as some tips when it comes to choosing a brand-new ring!

How to go about heirloom engagement rings

When it comes time to propose, you should first find out if your partner prefers an heirloom engagement ring over a new one. If the ring is in your family, show your significant other a picture of your family member wearing the ring and gauge how they respond. Sometimes, the family may offer the ring if they sense an engagement is coming, but be prepared to ask for it on your own. Ask for the ring face-to-face rather than over the phone. You should explain how much acquiring this ring would mean to you and your partner.

Once you’ve gotten the okay, you’ll need to set expectations about resetting or modifying the ring. Some people will be open to letting you do what your heart desires with the ring, but others may prefer to see that same ring on their finger. Ask about the ring so you can provide your partner with the history of that ring. Also, be open to listening to stories about the ring, as it can make the whole experience more sentimental.

You will then want to take the ring to a jewelry store to ensure the stones and prongs are in place, to get the ring cleaned and resized and to discuss any modifications. Your custom jewelry Omaha experts can take care of this whole ordeal. We can discuss resetting the ring and let you know how it would change the current value. Heirloom engagement rings are typically adored by the one you’re proposing to, so it’s important to take extra care with these engagement rings.

Choosing a new engagement ring

Maybe the family didn’t want to hand over the ring, or your partner prefers something modern over something vintage. Or maybe you’ve been given the option to have the ring passed down to you, but you simply don’t want it. You shouldn’t feel like you have to accept something you and your partner don’t want. If you want a brand new ring to start a brand new story, that’s absolutely okay.

When it comes to choosing a brand new engagement ring, you’ll need to find out if they want a diamond or an alternate stone, as well as the shape and metal they prefer. Some couples will go engagement ring shopping together, which can make nailing down the perfect ring for each of you easier. If you’re on a solo mission to find the perfect ring, be sure to do some sleuthing to find out your partner’s preferences.

Visit your custom jewelry Omaha experts

Heirloom engagement rings can be a beautiful start to your life together. Plus, inheriting an engagement ring gives you the option to allocate the funds you were going to spend on a new engagement ring to other aspects of your wedding. Whether you’re shopping for something new, or you want to get an heirloom ring appraised, resized, cleaned and insured, we can help! Stop in our store or contact us today!