How to match your engagement ring with your wedding band

How to match your engagement ring with your wedding band

How to match your engagement ring with your wedding band

When you first get engaged, a lot of attention goes towards your engagement ring, and thoughts of your wedding ring get pushed off. Then, when the time comes to pick out the perfect band, there are so many options you have to sort through! Not to fear, our wedding bands Omaha NE experts make matching your engagement ring and wedding band a breeze with their advice. 

Ask yourself two questions

The first thing you are going to want to do before going wedding ring shopping is ask yourself these two questions: Do I want my two rings to match exactly and will I want to solder the two together in the future? Knowing the answers to these questions will help to narrow down and eliminate some of your choices. 

Picking out the band

Picking out your wedding band can feel like a huge decision, but keep in mind that ring shopping should be fun. When you are first looking at rings, some things you should consider are:

  • Metal type: It’s never a bad idea to go with a wedding band metal that matches your engagement ring. This can make them look like a more cohesive unit and like they belong together. However, one huge trend that our wedding bands Omaha NE experts have been noticing is mixed metal wedding bands! This can mean a dual-toned wedding band itself or picking a different metal color band than what your other ring has. 

  • Stone shape: Another good tip for uniformity and picking out a wedding band that matches your engagement ring is to look at stone shape. Whatever center stone your engagement ring features should be the same shape that you incorporate into your wedding band. If your engagement ring features more than one stone shape, you can even create a custom band that features all of those shapes as well!

  • Color: If you opted for the more traditional diamond engagement ring, your wedding band can be your opportunity to introduce some color into your bridal set. Incorporate your favorite color or maybe your significant other’s birthstone to make the wedding ring even more magical and meaningful. If colored gemstones are not your thing, then keeping it simple with just a metal band or only using diamond accents is the route to go. 

  • Contour bands: Some diamond engagement rings are shaped in a way that creates a gap when paired with a normal wedding band. In this case, if the space bothers you, then you will want to consider getting a contour or curved band that curves to fit the shape of your center stone exactly, creating a seamless two band visual. 

Consider your lifestyle

Your wedding band is something you have to wear everyday, so it’s important to make sure it is comfortable and fits into your lifestyle. If you live a more active life, then a thinner band may feel more comfortable than a wider one. If you work a lot with your hands, then you also might prefer a more simple band than one with a lot of embellishments or gemstones. 

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