The ultimate guide to women’s wedding bands

The ultimate guide to women’s wedding bands

The ultimate guide to women’s wedding bands

Once you’ve been proposed to with the perfect ring, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect wedding band that will match! While an engagement ring is usually given as a prelude to a wedding and kept a surprise from the bride, wedding bands are primarily exchanged at the ceremony and couples will pick them out together.

Our Omaha wedding bands experts came up with this ultimate guide to help you decide what wedding band is right for you! 

Plain bands

These are the most traditional and timeless wedding band options that women can choose from. They are simple bands that can be made in the same type of metal to match your engagement ring. Although, if mixing metals is more your style, then you could get a rose gold plain band to go with a yellow gold engagement ring. It is completely up to your style preference! Without any adornments or embellishments, these bands are comfortable, stunning and will match anything you pair with it! 

Eternity bands

Eternity rings are one of the most romantic bands that you can get! They consist of a continuous circle of diamonds across the entire band. When only the front half of the band has stones in it, then it is only considered a half-eternity band. The full circle is supposed to represent never-ending and eternal love, perfect for marrying the love of your life! While eternity bands are traditionally set with diamonds, alternative stones work just as well. 

Pave bands

Pave bands also have diamonds set into them, but they are held up with mini prongs that help to give it an uninterrupted sparkle. Pave bands come in many different styles like micro pave, french pave, petite pave and more. All styles of pave bands can help to bring attention to the center stone, add extra sparkle and brilliance to the overall design and complement both modern and vintage style rings. 

Channel bands 

Channel bands and pave bands might look similar at first glance, but how the diamonds are set within the ring are what set them apart. While in a pave setting, diamonds are held in place with tiny prongs, in a channel setting nothing is holding the diamond in place but gravity. A channel is cut into the band, and diamonds are placed in-between the two metal strips that are formed. 

Contour bands

Contour bands, or shadow bands, are ring settings that are usually custom made by Omaha wedding bands experts to perfectly match an already existing ring. This can mean that if you have a pear cut diamond, the contour band will have a perfectly carved out section to accommodate the bottom curve of the diamond, making the design look seamless. 

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