Moss agate as an engagement ring gemstone

Moss agate as an engagement ring gemstone

Moss agate as an engagement ring gemstone

Choosing a gemstone other than a diamond for an engagement ring isn’t anything new. You’ve heard of sapphire and emerald engagement rings, but probably not moss agate rings. This gorgeous gemstone will create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, unlike anything else. This milky white and green gemstone caters to those who love nature.

If you’re looking for engagement rings Nebraska, 14 Karat Omaha offers the creation of a custom ring. Below we’ll tell you about moss agate, give you the history of the stone, show you why it makes for a great engagement ring and go over what to consider when designing a moss agate ring!

What is moss agate?

Moss agate is a semi-precious gemstone and a variety of chalcedony, which is a mineral in the quartz family. Its color ranges from clear to milky white with green inclusions; the green inclusions are created by the oxidation of minerals, thus giving it a unique, threadline pattern. 

The stone is known to have healing properties, and it symbolizes abundance in all forms, as well as new beginnings. It also aids in developing new friendships and finding a compatible lover.

The history of moss agate

In ancient days, this stone was sourced from the Arabian city of Mocha in modern-day Yemen. It is now mined in Madagascar, India, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Russia and the United States. In Arabia, these stones represented the eyes of the gods, and some Egyptian mummies have been found with this stone in place of their eyes.

The Ancient Greeks believed moss agate helped them get favors from the gods. It was known to Great Britain as a good luck stone. European farmers would use this stone to help their crops grow to their full potential. This is a precious stone for Muslims, as it symbolizes long life. Native Americans believed it had the power to change the weather. 

Why moss agate makes for a good engagement ring

Along with aiding healthy friendships and compatible lovers, moss agate symbolizes a lifelong partnership. It’s perfect for nature-loving couples because the earthy green inclusions are similar to the looks of forest floors and seaweed. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, you will never see the same pattern on a moss agate stone.

Moss agate is more affordable than a diamond, helping couples stick to their engagement ring budget. Price will depend on the size of the stone, but the metal you choose for the ring will have more of an impact. Moss agate is a bit softer than a diamond on the Mohs scale, so extra care is necessary. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners, steamers and chemicals when cleaning; warm, soapy water and a soft brush or cloth will do just fine. Also, take it off while cleaning or working out.

Designing a moss agate engagement ring

If you’re considering designing a moss agate engagement ring, you can choose any metal of your liking. Rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum all pair beautifully with the stone. You can also pair the center moss agate stone with clear quartz, opals or lapis lazuli accent stones to encompass the looks of nature; you can even add accent diamonds.​​ If you want your significant other’s ring to match, try adding alexandrite, emeralds or green tourmaline to their band.

Create a custom engagement rings Nebraska

If you’re ready to shop for an engagement ring, 14 Karat Omaha can help! Whether you’re shopping together or handling the task on your own, we can assist in helping you choose a metal, gemstone and accent stones to create the perfect engagement ring. Contact us today to get started designing engagement rings Nebraska!