The best push present to get for your partner

The best push present to get for your partner

The best push present to get for your partner

A push present may be a new term, but it is not a new concept! A push present is a gift that is given to your partner after they give birth to a new baby. After nine months of growing a baby and giving birth, your partner deserves a little extra love and appreciation. 

One of the most popular push presents, and most loved by new moms, is jewelry! Our 14 Karat jewelry experts go over some of the best gift options you can get for your partner: 

Birthstone jewelry 

One of the best ways to celebrate the birth of a new child is to get the new mom some birthstone jewelry of the child born! For example, if the child was born in July, then their birthstone would be a ruby. You can get your partner ruby earrings, a ruby necklace or a ruby tennis bracelet. Something that symbolizes an important event happened in July that she can wear in the future and remember how much you appreciate her. 

Initial pendants

A lovely, simple necklace in their favorite metal stamped with their new child's first initial is sure to bring a smile to any new mom’s face. Our 14 Karat jewelry experts love the initial necklaces offered by Gabriel & Co. for this exact purpose! One of the biggest benefits of choosing an initial pendant for your push present is if you and your partner plan on having multiple kids, then it is the gift that keeps giving! You can get additional pendants and charms with the additional initials and she can wear them all together to represent her full family! 

Eternity band

An eternity ring is a third band that a woman can add to her wedding set! While a marriage band is usually worn first on the ring finger, followed by her engagement ring, an eternity ring would then be stacked on top. It is meant to represent the “locking in” of the marriage union and symbolize forever. If you go with this push present, you can take the gift a step further and get all three rings soldered together to create one unique piece. 


After growing a human for nine months, your partner deserves the best, and what is better than diamonds? Diamonds are a classic, timeless and elegant choice that will compliment every woman’s wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with diamonds no matter what type of jewelry push present you decide to get. If she already has some diamond jewelry, like a diamond necklace, consider getting diamonds in the same cut for a pair of stud earrings, that way she can wear them together as a set. 

Her favorite jewelry

You are the one who knows your partner best! Get her something you know she’ll love by taking a sneak peek into her jewelry collection. What type of jewelry does she wear the most? Does she have a metal color preference? Has she told you in passing her favorite gemstone is sapphire because it matches her favorite color blue? Use these pieces of information to your advantage to get her a new piece of jewelry that she is sure to swoon over. 

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