The history and meaning behind April’s birthstone

The history and meaning behind April’s birthstone

The history and meaning behind April’s birthstone

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, a symbol of true love and for the lucky people born in April, diamonds are also their birthstone. 

Giving a diamond as a gift is always a joyous occasion, but it can be extra special when celebrating an April birthday! The diamond has an illustrious history and is a perfect match for  April babies. 

History of Diamonds

Diamonds have always been coveted from as early as the 4th century BCE when they were exchanged as high luxury items along trade routes. They were originally mined in India and were soon brought over to European countries in the 1400’s. 

When India’s supply started to decline in the 1700’s, new diamonds were discovered by sifters in Brazil. Brazil was then the leader of the diamond market for the next 150 years. That is until the 1860’s rolled around and ushered in the modern diamond era with which we are all familiar, with most mining taking place in South Africa. In the history of diamonds, the largest one was discovered in South Africa at 3,106 ct, and from it, the Great Star of Africa was formed and set in the Royal Sceptre now housed in the Tower of London. 

Today, more countries have started mining for diamonds, particularly Russia and Botswana. Botswana currently has 40 percent of the world’s rough diamond supplies. 

Diamonds and April

Birthstones became official in 1912. Each month was assigned its own gemstone. The idea, however, dates back further, starting with the Hebrew breastplates that were used by temple priests. They were embedded with twelve different stones and are thought to have represented different feelings and blessings. 

The Romans also adopted this philosophy, wearing a different gem for each month that came around. These gemstones were believed to have spiritual powers that the wearer could possess and manifest.

Throughout the history of diamonds, diamonds have always been thought to hold special properties. In particular, in ancient times it was believed they had healing properties, particularly for the brain and pituitary gland. Also, it was thought that diamonds  would make those in relationships happier, bring success at work and build strength from within. Even today, diamonds are associated with feelings of clarity, balance and prosperity

Not Just an Engagement Ring

Diamonds are not just for engagement rings– you can celebrate any occasion with a diamond! Anniversaries, birthdays, job promotions and more can be cause for purchasing a diamond and commemorating the day. Diamond’s versatility makes it so they can be worn not just for special events but for everyday wear as well. Their versatile nature also means that they look good in every setting.  

The Perfect Gift

There is no sweeter and more magnificent gift than a diamond. The jewelry experts at 14 Karat can help you to find the perfect diamond gift, whether that is a pair of diamond earrings, a new diamond necklace or the perfect diamond ring. No matter the choice, your diamond will be sure to dazzle any recipient. Make sure your gift’s sparkle stays for years to come by learning the proper cleaning techniques and jewelry care procedures. 

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