The meaning behind a promise ring

The meaning behind a promise ring

The meaning behind a promise ring

Jewelry is a great way to express your love and commitment to your significant other. Jewelry is something your love can wear every day. Jewelry signifies something special. 

Not all couples in a serious relationship are ready to be engaged. If this is you, symbolize your commitment and say, “I love you” with a 14 Karat ring promise ring! 

The history of a promise ring

The history of a promise ring dates back to the ancient Romans. In those times, it was law that couples had to wait a certain amount of time before announcing their plans of getting married, to the actual wedding ceremony. So Roman brides would wear promise rings to show their promise of marriage. 

From there, the tradition continued to England in the 16th and 17th centuries. These rings were called posy rings. Couples would give one another rings to symbolize their affection. The inside of these rings were typically engraved with a romantic poem or saying.

After posy rings started to decline in popularity, acrostic rings rose. These rings were popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Gemstones decorated the ring to spell out a word. For example, the word regard was symbolized with a ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, another emerald, another ruby and a diamond.

Promise rings continue to be popular today. Notable celebrities that have rocked promise rings include; Miley Cyrus, Jordan Sparks and Alec Baldwin. 

What is a promise ring?  

As the name indicates, a promise ring is a “promise” made between you and your significant other. Often times it is the first token of a serious relationship. A promise ring can mean many things. 

Most commonly, it is a symbol of your love and commitment in your romantic relationship. The meaning will depend on your relationship. 

Typically couples gift this kind of 14 Karat ring to symbolize a future engagement. It can also  mean that they plan to propose in the future. Other couples provide a promise ring to show their devotion to their relationship.

The type of promise rings available


Do you know that you want to get married to your significant other, but you are not ready to get engaged? A promise ring is the perfect option. It symbolizes that you want to get engaged in the future, but not at this moment. 


Another reason to gift a promise ring is to show monogamy.  This symbolizes that you are committed to your relationship.


Promise rings can also signify friendship.  Friends typically exchange the same ring and wear them on the same finger.

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